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2012-08-28 5

This week’s featured Analogue Lifestyle article is “Introducing My Dianas!” by giovannidecarlo from Italy. Meet his family of dreamy Dianas, comprised of the Grandmother, Mother, and Nephew. I wonder if the Diana Baby 110 will soon be part of it? ;-)

Photos by giovannidecarlo

“It was the first-ever Diana camera. It was my first analog machine. It all started from here. It was given to me last January, on the occasion of my 26th birthday. In my opinion, it is the most fun Diana clone created by Lomography. Up to now, it is the one most frequently used by me, especially when I go out in the evening.”

Read Introducing My Dianas! by giovannidecarlo

The Diana is one iconic clan of cameras and it’s great to see people who are as fixated on it and all its reincarnations like community member giovannidecarlo. Accompanied by the history of each model and the photos he took with them, he shows us the great satisfaction he gets from shooting low-fi. Armed with an original Diana from the ‘60s, Diana F+ CMYK, and Diana Mini White, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Diana Baby 110 soon becomes part of his family!

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