DIY Splitzers For (Nearly) Nothing!

2012-08-31 5

Here’s how to achieve those great splitzer images without spending a cent! It’s so simple and easy!

Want to chop up your photos into halves or quarters, or achieve double-exposure results without over-exposing? Then you need a splitzer. But wait, I hear you ask, they don’t make a splitzer for my camera! Worry not! You have everything you need with you right now!


  • A Lomo Camera (I used my Diana Mini, my Sprocket Rocket, and my Fisheye 2)
  • The lens caps for same
  • A box-cutter, Xacto knife or sharp pair of scissors

Lay your lens cap on your work surface, and cut out a hole, either a half- or quarter-circle shape or whatever shape you like.

Put the lens cap back on the camera, shoot, then twist the lens cap 180 degrees and shoot again!

The lens caps work great as they fit your camera lens perfectly and don’t slide off. The Fisheye’s soft rubber cap even lets a little bit of light through, making for interesting and unpredictable results.

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  1. julia-b
    julia-b ·

    Just wondering, do you have any problems with.. not having a lens cap anymore?

  2. lokified
    lokified ·

    @julia-b I rarely used my lens caps, in fact I had to dig around to find them for the experiment. Admittedly, though, the splitzer lens cap still has enough coverage to guard against the casual bumps of other things in your bag.

  3. julia-b
    julia-b ·

    @lokified Oh, that's good. I don't think I can do it with my diana mini, though. I use the lens cap to take another "blank" photo when it won't advance. But thank you for the tipster, I'm still on my journey for a round object to make a splitzer!

  4. rollerb
    rollerb ·

    I found that using the lid from a milkshake bottle works really well for my diana mini. Specifically I used one from a 'Yazoo Mini'. Once I cut the desired amount from the front I had to use the craft knife to shave off the grooves used to screw the cap on (on the inside) but then it fits on and slides around perfectly. Hope that helps!

  5. blightybiker
    blightybiker ·

    I would also be worried about not having a lens cap but I think there have been more incidents of me taking a shot with the lens cap on than probable knocks in my bag....Plus my bag is pretty dark anyway so not much light would get in. So definitely will give it a try!

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