Vast China Captured Through Short Time-Lapse


According to the artist statement by Reemond aka Ryan, a self-proclaimed time-lapse photographer/videographer, the short video is a collection of moments charged with life and vibrancy, transposed from the Chinese cities Ryan visited over summer.

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Cities featured in the video include: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Guilin.

The time-lapse video literally presents us with brief “moment” after moment. Each moment obviously, for Ryan, lasted much longer in duration, the video itself only a little over 3 minutes long. For those familiar with filming and editing, the b-roll or video before editing, which is probably stored on countless MiniDV-tape tapes that go well over 24-hours let along 3 minutes, is what I’m curious about!

For the areal shots, how did Reemond decide on which frame to start with and which to end on? Did a particular yellow car or funky individual catch his eye that only he is able to distinguish and hone in on from the masses that look like little ants to us?

Was he with his camera and filming apparatus the whole time, or did he run errands while the cafe owner happily guarded Ryan’s property, making sure the camera was recording, with a large tip in his pocket.

I know dark footage or overexposed takes could never be included in a piece such as this, that caters to the audience while also appealing to Reemond’s aesthetic sensibility, as they’ll have no place in Ryan’s future as he looks back on his scrapbook in video form, or to us sensitive types who are nitpickey and can only live vicariously through a well framed and exposed scene. After all, good photos speak 1,000 words.

This being said, I’m interested to hear, through visual form, what Ryan though of the quieter, less sensory, moments not included in this compilation for the intents and purposes mentioned above.

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