Lisbon Photo Opportunity #3: Tram 28


It is yellow, rounded, makes a funny sound, and it rides along the narrow, old streets of Lisbon – how can you not want a picture of it?

Tram #28 is one of Lisbon’s symbols and is impossible to resist. It goes up and down the narrow and steep streets of Lisbon Old Town, at the astonishment of foreigners.

Credits: saidseni

For us, it is part of our daily life and the amount of people photographing it when we use this public transport can be a bit disturbing. But we love it too, with all its inconveniences, and even I sometimes can’t resist taking a picture of it!

Credits: saidseni

Lisbon trams are traditionally all yellow but you can find them with all sorts of decorations and publicity. My favorite ones are the trams that show the best sardines of the art competition held during “Festas de Lisboa”, the city’s annual festivities.

Credits: saidseni

If you visit Lisbon, you must take a picture of Tram #28. And of course, you must travel in Tram #28 as well! The whole trip goes from Martim Moniz to Prazeres, crossing Lisbon’s old neighborhoods. You can get to most of the nicest places in the city in it, so it is really worth a ride!

Don’t be afraid to explore (literally), the highs and lows of my beautiful city. Just don’t forget: hold you rself firmly and beware of pickpockets!

Hop in!

Some of the nice places you can see while traveling in Tram #28!

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