Acetate Mask


How to get something duplicated onto each image on a film. A piece of text, an image or anything!

Find something you want to have on every image, this could be what ever you want, either text or image. Format it to the right size for your camera – my examples are in my Holga and they are approximately 800 × 700 pixels. It’s easy to work out. If you get several things you want to experiment with onto one page, then you won’t waste a whole piece of acetate on one tiny picture.

IMPORTANT: You have to format it into black and white – otherwise it will be really blurry.
Once you’ve chosen your text /image:

1) Print text/image onto Acetate
2) Fix to the back of the camera with black tape
3) Load film over it
4) Shoot!!

written by bleach4bleach on 2009-10-09 #gear #tutorials #120 #tips #experiment #text #tipster #trick #b-w #holga


  1. fuzztone04
    fuzztone04 ·

    This is an awesome idea. Could it also be possible to fit these acetate masks into the Holga filter holder? That way you could have the option of shooting with it or not

  2. lomosexual_manboy
    lomosexual_manboy ·

    That's a good idea fuzztone04. The only question I have is would it be in focus or not since it is off the film plane. Guess it would depend on what it was, if it needed to be in focus even. Worth a try for sure.

  3. jblaze823
    jblaze823 ·

    Awesome idea, the shots look great

  4. boredbone
    boredbone ·

    i did one like this last year, and another cool trick is to not fill the whole acetate with text:…

    but this is cool...i'll try this one again.

  5. breakphreak
    breakphreak ·

    also can make holes in acetate - let the photo breath :)

  6. stouf
    stouf ·

    Awesome idea !

  7. jeromy-d
    jeromy-d ·

    Looking forward to more of this!

  8. tomk32
    tomk32 ·

    Hm, that makes me wonder what the result would be if you put a partly mirroring foil *behind* the film. That foil should reflect and thus overexposing the film in front of it. anyone wann try?

  9. lovesmesumcake
    lovesmesumcake ·

    I feel like this would make a really great cover to an album or book. Great job!

  10. bloomingwreath
    bloomingwreath ·

    Thanks for sharing!

    @fuzztone04: great idea, we could also use different acetate masks in one roll :)

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