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He is a lomographer who loves to experiment and achieve the unusual, a LomoArch bursting with understandable ideals. He has a restless and overwhelmed mind and he is fortunate to work as an architectural photographer. With true delight, I present to you our next exceptional LomoArch: microbio!

Credits: microbio

microbio and his experimental work have the power of transporting us to another world where the past and future walk side by side. To him, the universe turns around doubles and cross processing, and as a consequence, featured fluid colors result in a mystic atmosphere. Insignificant in a significant manner and imperfect in a perfect way, reflect his guidelines.

He is lost inside a world of art searching architecture’s aesthetic from a social point of view. Addicted to analogue experiments, this LomoArch has the power of reinventing architecture, exploring and exploiting different and hidden visions. Capturing the invisible, what common eyes fail to spot but the brain imagines, is the key aim. The lomographer that can’t choose between his cameras and films claiming that every moment has its own requirements. Anonymous buildings are his source of inspiration and he involves them in mistiness with his clinical eye.

What alia- likes the most: the spontaneous deconstructivist look of each frame.

Credits: microbio

Not wanting to spend more of your precious time, I will leave you with microbio’s essence.

Name: Aitor Estévez
LomoHome: microbio
Location: Barcelona
Lomographer since: 2011
Architect since: 2004

Can you make a short resume of yourself as a Lomographer as well as an Architect?

I decided to major in architecture because it is a profession that allows diversification and includes or is involved in many of the disciplines that I would like to develop, almost all related to the world of art, anthropology, sociology, poetry… I’m an architect because I am interested in aesthetics from a social viewpoint. The aim of the architecture that I defend is to be “infected” by the local culture of each place you work on, to transform and improve cities, people, the world.

As an architect, I aspire to develop a sensible architecture with the environment, which is able to identify the main virtues of a place from the standpoint of physical, environmental, social, cultural, aesthetic, poetic… to squeeze all these resources and propose the more effective solution as possible.

Why are you in this LomoWorld being you are an Architect?

I have always been fond of photography. In fact, I now work as a professional architectural photographer. You can visit my webpage. Last year srmarcus, also an architect and lomographer, engaged me to analogue photography when he started showing me all his toys and the results he got with them. I soon became addicted to analogue experiments…

Significantly insignificant, perfectly imperfect, I float in space surrounded by constellations and supernovas at the mercy of gravitational waves, trying to flee the antimatter, to escape from the attraction of black holes. Even light cannot escape the attraction of a black hole. A hyperlocal microbe in a photosensitive microcosm, overwhelmed by the magnitude of an infinite universe.

How do you see Lomography and Architecture bonded?

The experimental analogue photography lets you play in a very traditional way with double exposures, cross-process, etc…allowing you to reinvent architecture and landscape, exploring new meanings. Faced with digital photography, it has the magic of the unexpected, you never know exactly what you are getting before revealing a reel. It also has the magic of capturing the invisible…What’s behind the walls of the city? What’s below the pavement? A whole hidden world is waiting for us to discover.

Which camera and film best portrays your Architecture visions? Why?

None in particular. Depending on the subject you’re shooting or what you want to do, a camera may be more suitable than others. I have good pictures made with many different cameras, so I don’t have a favorite one. My favorite cameras are: Chinon 35EE, Ricoh 500GX, Canon EOS 500N, Kodak Autographic Special Model I A, Holga 500N, Agfamatic 200, and my homemade pinhole. My favorite films: FUJI Sensia 100ASA and 400ASA, Agfa APX 100 B&W film, and any film upside down to get the redscale effect.

Ending, simple questions demand simple answers. What Architect and building did/would you prefer to take Lomographs?

I love taking pictures of anonymous buildings, designed by not popular architects, or even built by people who are not architects, as occurs in the architecture of many villages, or in some areas of the cities. These buildings teach me the basics and the original identity of architecture, its practical sense, the romanticism of who constructs a building to solve a problem, without attached pretensions, and adapts to the means he disposes to carry out the building. Unlike many singular buildings that can be found in cities, they are unprovided of representative or aesthetic desire, allowing you to reinvent these architectures in a much more effective way. This is the face that I’m most interested in architecture, so they are the type of buildings I used to photograph.

Credits: microbio

Liliana de Sousa- is living as a foreigner around the world since 2004 but is originally from Portugal. She’s an architect with the will of sharing nowadays architecture through lomographer’s eyes. Read more about the Just Another Lomoarch series here.

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  1. artichekt
    artichekt ·

    Wowww!!!! One more great work, @-alia- !!! And @microbio : Amazing!!! Great pictures, great philosophy! Yayyy... I'm not alone! :-D

  2. srmarcus
    srmarcus ·

    Microbio is a great architect and photographer! you must visit his Home and his webpage!

  3. -alia-
    -alia- ·

    @artichekt thanks for the <3

  4. -alia-
    -alia- ·

    @srmarcus indeed! Thank you for the help ;)

  5. le_ors
    le_ors ·

    Totally love @microbio 's work

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