I am so Attached to the Fisheye Baby Now


It’s love at first sight! I fell in love with the Fisheye Baby! I just can’t take my eyes of it. It’s so small and light! Who says you can’t use LOMO on kids?

I took some random shots of my surroundings to try out the first roll! I have been using it to snap my little baby boy. And it never fails to capture his sweet and lovely smile! It’s a big plus! I tried few rolls of the B&W 110 film, and to my surprise, it turned to be so awesome! Initially I thought, the resolution won’t turn out as good as those on 35mm film. It’s a WOW factor!

I used this Baby Fisheye, snapping my boys without flash. They look pretty good in them! Especially my little boy, its not easy to snap children with LOMO. Kids are rather active. They move fast! So Fisheye baby has proven me right, it works on kids! I simply can’t stop now!

Its so easy to use and bring around! Anywhere, Anytime, Anyhow!

However, photos will definitely look better with proper amount of lights! Go out to the sun and start snapping away! Never regret and Never Will!


written by wendyneo on 2012-09-12 #gear #110-film #fisheye #fisheye-baby #b-w #review

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