World Finest Grain Avaliable Through The Kodak Ektar 100!


This is a short and sweet review of this amazing film with amazing colors perfect for shooting in most situations!

Ektar 100 is Kodak’s finest grain film.

It has very saturated colors with a slightly weaker than average dynamic range as compared to other color negative film.

As you can see from the sample photos, the reds do POP and the blues have an intricate azure cast which make it superb for landscapes. Absolutely perfect for your summer holiday to tropical countries located in South East Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Because of its saturation, it is a very good alternative and really gives Fujifilm’s legendary Velvia 50 a run for its money for landscape photography.

On the Widelux F8 and Lomo L-CA+

A little negative about this film is that it does not work well with skin tones and would not be the optimal choice for portrait photography in my opinion. However, I do know of people who really like its colours.

I would recommend this film to be used with the Widelux F8 (or the Lomo Horizon Cameras) for amazing panorama shots or the Lomo L-CA+ for the awesome color rendition of the Minitar Lens

It is still a very fun film to use and excellent on sunny days and pretty usable till evening. You probably want to avoid using this film at night as it’s rated speed of iso 100 makes things quite tricky for low light situations

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  1. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    I used it once with the Horizon Kompakt, I really like it too!…

  2. illegaltender
    illegaltender ·

    @saidseni I found it amazing on my Widelux F8 too! Pretty awesome for panorama!

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