Awanmulan: The Perfect Escape from the City


Sometimes living and working in the middle of the busy city can really get to me. So where does one go for a mini escapade from all these? Come follow me to Awanmulan, the perfect spot for one to relax and chill.

I first heard about Awanmulan through KinkyBlueFairy's blog. I got curious and Googled it. Awanmulan is strategically nestled on the rolling hills in the interior of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. The pictures got me really excited so I quickly checked if there are any vacant rooms. 2 weeks later, 3 of my girl friends and I crammed ourselves into my car and off we went to Awanmulan! Of course, no trip is complete without my Lomography camera and this time, I decided to bring the La Sardina “The Guvnor” along with me. I loaded it with Lomography ISO 100 and the pictures are awesome.

The GPS will not work all the way but fret not, the description given by the owner is very detailed and the place is impossible to miss. After an hour, we finally reached the place. We were brought to our room called “Kesidang”.

Our room is complete with a kitchen that is fully equipped and comes with a refrigerator.

The thick, lush green hills greeted us from our room’s balcony.

We decided to spend the entire afternoon dipping in the infinity pool. According to Uncle Teng, the owner of Awanmulan, the pool is salty due to the salt used to generate the natural chlorine for the pool.

One of the must-do’s in Awanmulan is to watch the beautiful sunset. Just head over to the owner’s house and the view is breathtaking. Just a tip, bring your beer along, kick off your sandals, lay back, and watch the sunset.

One more tip for those who are interested to stay in Awanmulan is to bring lots of food. One can choose to have barbecue or steamboat for dinner. We opted for barbecue and the pit was set up for us. Bring along those board games or card games to pass the time. You may also ask to go for river trekking in the afternoon. For me, I brought along a favorite book and sat at this rattan chair while looking out of the balcony.

For those who want to sleep closer to nature like I do, feel free to shift the sofa bed closer to the balcony.

I’m glad I made my way to Awanmulan and I have no regrets bringing the La Sardina along. Here are some more shots of the place.

For those who are interested, reservations can be made here.

As for me, I will definitely make my way back to Awanmulan whenever I need a ‘city break’!

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  1. nirothehero
    nirothehero ·

    Can't wait till we get to go next time! Hopefully soon! Ehehe

  2. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    Seems like an awesome locations for a getaway from the hustle bustle city during weekend!

  3. shind
    shind ·

    @nirothehero Hopefully! I would love to go with you girls!

    @eva_eva It is! and thank you for the Like =)

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