Spotted: Analogue in Transworld Surf Magazine


I always enjoy flipping through surf magazines and looking at the amazing photos of beaches and massive waves. Transworld Surf magazine did a photo issue in the month of July. In it are some great photos and photos of great cameras!

Leica M7

I’ve noticed an increasing amount of interest/re-interest in film in surfers and surf photographers. Usually if I flip through a surf magazine, there is at least a page or two where you can spot an analogue camera as a prop or a photo shot with film.

The July 2012 Transworld Surf magazine was a Photo Book edition:

Among the beautiful photographs were photos where a vintage camera was included. Seeing photos like these always make me happy that I opened the magazine:

I also stumbled on a page that was entertaining and interesting; a page called Sh*t Surf Photographers Say:

“There is nobody to shoot around here.”
“If I could, I’d only shoot film.”
“Nobody shoots film anymore, that’s why I do.”
“Do you have any wetsuits with brighter colors?”
“Can you start trying some airs?”
“The old Canons were so much better.”
“Can’t you guys just fix it in Photoshop?”
“What settings are you on?”
“I’m just gonna shoot from land today.”
“My sensor is dirty. I’m never out of focus.”
“This is a cover for sure.”
“Did you get my invoice from last issue yet?

Personally, I think film is making a comeback, so keep shooting!

Gorgeous camera!

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