The Art of Falling Tear Drops


This newly-installed work of art is stopping visitors in their tracks. As part of Singapore’s Changi Airport Terminal 1’s $400-million upgrade, the airport installed a sculpture that was truly mesmerizing. Read on to find out where.

Credits: uncle_jay

Visibly located in the Departure Hall, this public art created by German design house Art+Com, was a welcomed feature of the terminal.

Called “Kinetic Rain”, this moving sculpture is made up of 1,216 bronze-coated aluminum droplets, which are individually attached to motors located in the ceiling, that transform into various shapes and patterns. Check out the official video clip, which I found inspiring and the music refreshingly upbeat.

So during a recent trip to the airport for a meet-and-greet assignment, I took the opportunity to snap this latest work of art. Having watched the video, I decided to capture this art installation in redscale.

Credits: uncle_jay

I also wanted some silhouettes if possible.

Credits: uncle_jay

Spending about 20 minutes watching and snapping the moving sculpture, I noticed how well these tear drops are stopping the visitor for a quick look.

Credits: uncle_jay

There are two of such installations at Changi Terminal 1 so visitors have a chance to see them, that is, if they are not rushing for time or racing to catch a plane out of Singapore.

While the idea is not new, it is still a good art installation. Judging by the sculpture’s ability to stop the curious visitor, local and foreign alike, for a second look, it has clearly met its objective, which was to serve as a calming centerpiece for the airport’s Departure Hall.

See the rest of the album here.

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