Get Ready for School with the DIY School Books!


Autumn is coming, meaning lots of Lomographers will have to go (or are already) back to school or university. The days there might sometimes seem monotonous, so why not bring some personality and colour to your classroom with a DIY school book? Besides, this is a good way to find a use for abandoned Lomographs that collect dust somewhere in your drawers!

All you need is an exercise book (see how boring it still looks?), scissors, glue and crayons

Some of your abandoned or unsuccessful Lomographs

And possibly snippets of magazines.

Now let your imagination run free!
You may cut out pieces of your photos and snippets, rearrange them on the cover of your book and – if you have an artistic disposition – let your drawings float around the pictures, or let parts of the pictures become parts of your drawings.

Those are two of my “creations”, but I’m sure you’ll come up with lots of other ideas.Your classmates are going to envy you!

P.S. It might be useful to wrap your book in a transparent cover in order to make it last longer…

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