Tel Megiddo -Armageddon


Visit of the Ruins of Tel Megiddo and the Iron Age tunnel.

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In ancient times Megiddo was an important city state. It is also known alternatively as Tel Megiddo (Hebrew) and Tell al-Mutesellim (Arabic). Megiddo is a hill or mound made of 26 layers of the ruins of ancient cities in a strategic location at the head of a pass through the Carmel Ridge, which overlooks the Valley of Jezreel from the west. The name Armageddon mentioned in the New Testament derives from Har Megiddo (Hebrew) meaning Mount of Megiddo. This is for the story, as everybody know this world, use it and never know where it comes from !

Megiddo was a site of great importance in the ancient world, as it guarded the western branch of a narrow pass and an ancient trade route which connected the lands of Egypt and Assyria. Because of its strategic location at the crossroads of several major routes, Megiddo and its environs have witnessed several major battles throughout history. The site was inhabited from approximately 7000 BC to 586 BC (the same time as the destruction of the First Israelite Temple in Jerusalem by the Babylonians, and subsequent fall of Israelite rule and exile). One of its claims to importance is the fact that since this time it has remained uninhabited, thereby preserving the ruins of its time periods pre-dating 586 BC without newer settlements disturbing them.

Today, Megiddo is still an important junction on the main road connecting the center of Israel with lower Galilee and the northern region. Therefore, to this day it remains a site of strategic importance as it lies at the northern entrance to Wadi Ara, an important mountain pass connecting the Jezreel Valley with Israel’s coastal plain. A lot of people agree to say that the history of this place will not end and if the war start again in Israel this junction will be the theater of new battles…. Human are really crazy isn’t it?

In the end the visit is a bit boring (only ruins) and a couple of rooms inside with maps to explain the complexity of this strategic place and potteries. Also interesting but short, the Iron Age Tunnel that connected the bottom of Ahab’s shaft to the spring. Before its construction, Megiddo residents had to leave the city walls in order to get water from the spring. A very wet but welcome moment (it is so hot in summer!). 

Never the less I can only advice you to stop there if you travel in Israel and there is so many other place to visit on the way to Jerusalem a well so prepare a lot of films the light over there is also amazing….!
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