Back in the 110 Frame: My First Roll of 110 in Over a Decade


My time with 110 film started when I was just a boy. My newly-rekindled love affair with 110 may end up bankrupting me, but it sure will be fun.

Credits: 110isnotdead

I used to love shooting 110 film back when I was a kid. I had my shiny black Kodak Cameo 110. It was the first camera that was ever truly mine. I took it everywhere. I liked that it was different. I got cute little prints, just my size. LOL

But as with life, we grow up, we move on, and we forget about things. My attention had shifted to other things and I didn’t care about taking pictures anymore. Fast-forward to about 15 years and several crappy digital cameras later, I am now working, have a great life, and back into photography. I am rummaging around an antique shop one day when I find a box of old cameras. Amongst the awesomeness are a couple cartridges of 110 color film that expired in 1998 (I think the brand was Giant Eagle, a supermarket around here).

I was excited, I hadn’t seen 110 for years, so I took it home and looked for my old Cameo to try it out. To my horror, it was nowhere to be found. I was deflated, but not for long, for I found one of those old micro 110 cameras in my basement. I spent the next several days going through the roll with just random shots. I even used my homemade filters to try and give some flair.

Credits: 110isnotdead

Once I was done, I had to take the roll in to get processed. Rite Aid told me that it would take a week for them to send it out and get the prints back so I waited…

Credits: 110isnotdead

About two-and-a-half-weeks later, I got the call that my beloved prints were here. I rushed over to see my handiwork. About half of the prints were just black (well kind of a greenish hue) due to me taking the film out in the daylight but the other shots came out pretty cool. There was a ghostly quality to them that I had never gotten before. Also, due to the shoddy camera, most of the prints had a similar light leak along the top.

It’s one of those events that just takes you back to a simpler time. Can’t wait to get some fresh 110 and see what it can do. Happy Snappin’

written by 110isnotdead on 2012-08-27 #lifestyle #expired #nostalgia #filter #110 #micro-110

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