Lomo Kikuyu Status Report: August 2012

2012-08-30 1

It’s been a while, but it’s time to update you on how much books we’ve sold and how much money we’ve raised for the Lomo Kikuyu project! The last time we updated was in November 2011, where we raised 1314 EUR/USD. Read on to find out how much we raised since then!

Drum rolls please. Ladies and gentlemen, Lomography is proud to say that we have sold 1084 books! Multiplying 1084 books by 5 EUR/USD gives us with 4763 EUR/USD raised from book sales, matched by Lomography, the raised total thus far is 9526 EUR/USD!

The money goes towards educating and training Kenyan doctors so that they are able to perform cataract surgeries. And the more doctors that are trained, the more patients that can can be seen to! The education and training that they get helps them spot early onset eye problems in children and adults.

Did you know that the Kikuyu Book is only 5 EUR/USD? You can check it out, through to Checkout, in our shop!

This is because Lomography wants you to have access to the information, the photos, the tales of overcoming long waits coupled with worsening vision. We want to make it easy for you to share this knowledge with others, show your copy of the Kikuyu book to as many others as possible, at home, work or constantly changing hands in a book swap program!

Don’t forget your donations are MATCHED by Lomography to help fight the famine in East Africa through the International Committee of the Red Cross – so that’s 5 EUR/USD to the Kikuyu project and 5 EUR to the Red Cross.

A heartfelt thanks to all for helping the cause and spreading the word. We hope to help as many people in East Africa with the sales of the Kikuyu Book as possible – and without you our goal is being achieved! So keep on sharing your experiences with the book as we’ll be sure to do our part!

We encourage you to read more and consequently inform yourselves and others about Lomo Kikuyu!

Lomo Kikuyu It’s good to see (again). Every Lomographer along with their friends and acquaintances worldwide is being appealed to donate 30 Euros/30 American dollars to save a person’s eyesight. Get the chance to do this by getting your own Lomo Kikuyu Book now.

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  1. robotmonkey1996
    robotmonkey1996 ·

    Is that it? I really hoped that at least more than 20% of the active lomographers would show the generosity of their hearts and bought a few copies. Ah well, I guess we'll have to settle for the 2%.

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