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For Miro Remo, the love for filmmaking runs in the blood. He is a Slovak filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California whose 3 student films were shown in many festivals around the world. His latest film, Arsy-Versy, is the most successful film in the University of Performing Arts in Bratislava, earning 34 international and domestic awards! And if that’s not cool enough, he used a LomoKino camera for the band Swan Bride’s music video.

Name: Miro Remo

Hi, Miro! What’s keeping you busy these days?
We are working on several movies at same time, it´s very complicated to acquire all needed funds for the one big project. The present documentary directors usually have three or more film´s projects inside their heads. But the most important for me is the story from the hardest, the most guarded prison here in Slovakia. Film called Comeback about the reintegration of prisoners after long punishment, a long time behind the walls. This in comparison with a life of young slovak journalist. Girl who is interested in this topic in her job. She works for Slovak national radio and her life is one big comeback also.

Who/what inspired you to take up Directing (or Filmmaking?)
My father was independent filmmaker. My uncle also. They shot on 8mm camera short stories with the lot of local festival´s succes. I was inspirated by movies of their both. My best movie, Arsy-Versy, most awarded film in history of slovak short films with 36 awards from festivals is the story from my family. About my uncle who escaped from this World of daily routines, everyday´s work somewhere in the factory. He is only fascinated by nature. Nature is the answer to the question of being here. This story has also the opposite side. His mother who is afraid about his future is too old and her son doesn´t have the money for future. She absolutelly supports his. Lubos try to find animals which behavior is in the symbiosis with him. The bats, upside-down animals. I found my family during the moviemaking.

Arsy-Versy by Miro Remo.

How was it like using a LomoKino?
Very funny, without any fear from the responsibility opposite to the big profesional project. Lomokino is the openminded machine. Its someting like the 8 mm film. There is a lot of enthusiasm inside and the pictures are really good. I hope that sometimes the Lomo develops the Lomokino professional version with better construction and lens, adjustable aperture and possibility to change the speed of taking pictures. It can be a very nice camera for making music videos or sequences for the documentaries. Film is magic, never die.

Cadillac – Swan Bride

Any funny or strange moments while filming the Swan Bride’s music video?
It was very good there, in America. We were on a big trip, celebrate 30 birthday of my friend Rudo. We rented a car and go across the California, Nevada, Utah… Sometimes in the middle of our road we were in Las Vegas. We drunk so much beer because of their good prizes.Seven times cheaper beer like in another cities. We need the beer :). Beer is big tradition in Slovakia, somewhere is cheaper like water. But there was also very very cheap Long Island Ice tea. Fatal combination.

I remember one situation when my friends were going from the hotel´s swimming pool to the casino for the next drinks, they were dressed only in their absolutely wet towels :). Is very hard to remember how many drinks and beer were there. I had to go sleep, but when I wake up they two were still there in the pool. It was six in the morning and the water´s inspectors have taken some water quality samples with a big smile, but as they said: “Don´t worry, no alcohol in the water.” If you are thirsty in the desert, go to the casino. We recommend! :).

Can you share some advice for aspiring directors?
For me the most important is the contact to my past life. I am documentary director, who takes a lot of ideas from the childhood. But we aren´t the child anymore. Don´t forget to know how are your friends in the present, how the people are now. It´s not simple to hold the same deep contact from childhood between the friends because of increase of everyday life requirements of modern existence costs much time. And now the money is everything. But the worst, what can happen is that you will stay alone here inside your nice modern house, good job, nice blondhair girl… I have a lot of my friends inside this big economical trap. Filmmakers must have eyes open. We need to make a movies about this phenomenon. And this is only one of a thousand big topics…

What are your future plans or projects?
My plan is to finish next movie. I have to done the movie from the prison, which we are shooting more than 3 years. It´s too long, frustrating sometimes.. This is plan number one. We are working on the documentary about the fear and tension in slovak cinematography for a Slovak TV. I am making a movie about the amateur filmmaker who makes only westerns. He shot about 50 western. He use only amateur actors directly from the small village where he live. I am working on the movie about slovak band Swan Bride. This videoclip was maybe the part of the movie, I don´ know now. And some films are inside my PC. The future will show which will born to see… We need money for shooting.

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