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From toys to clothes to gadgets and books, we’ve all received a number of gifts for our birthdays, Christmas, etc. Imagine if instead of spending money for material things, it is used to help the needy? Here’s a list of gift ideas that will leave both you and the person you are giving it too feeling great and useful!

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1. Give Your Time
If you’re really low on cash, you can offer to donate your time to an organization of the recipient’s choice. Yeap, there are charities that needs man power to build shelter, distribute food, even walking dogs! Find one in your area!

2. Give “Green” on Behalf
If you know the recipient already has everything they need, try the gift card approach! No, I’m not talking about a $20 Gift Card for Best Buy. I’m talking about a charity gift card. Yes, they do exist! You can donate an certain amount of money and pay it on behalf of the recipient’s name. You will then receive a card that says something like, “Max Mustemann donated $30 to the Local Charity Organization”.

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3. Give a Cow
If you’re a Muslim, you might already be familiar with this. There are a number of organizations all over the world that specializes in sending goats, cows, or even water buffaloes to villages in developing countries. This way, the families are directly given the means to feed themselves, as opposed to depending on others. From one cow, the families can produce dairy products from the milk and eat the meat of the cow as well.

5. Give a Lomo Kikuyu Book
There are a number of companies who dedicate a certain amount of the purchases made to charities. Lomography is also doing the same with the Lomo Kikuyu Book. For every 5 EUR/USD you donate by buying a LomoKikuyu Book in our online shop, we will match your contribution with another 5 EUR/USD and send it to the International Committee of the Red Cross. to fight the famine in East Africa. So, your donation is working two fold!

Read more about the project. Or visit the Lomo Kikuyu Microsite.

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  1. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    Great! If everyone would give what they could, it would be a better world, and, we wouldn't have so much government to stifle us! We give to "The Heifer Project" which provides young calves for people to raise for food. It goes all over the world.

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