Playing With Food For Your LomoKino Movie

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Who knew food could make a funny prop for a LomoKino movie? Check out arnaudmartin’s movie and see a slice of ham come to life!

Jambie by arnaudmartin

What was your main inspiration for creating Jambie?
To start working on a movie, the right part of my brain requires at least two or three combined ideas from the left part. I wanted to use musicals, suspense accents on the picture of something absolutely inoffensive.

I also wanted to direct a movie with Chia-Yi in it, because I met her on a short movie years ago, she was an actress and she is really good. I’m very happy to say we got married last week :)

There was also something about ham. Ham is always dead. When it’s not dead, it’s called a pig. I found that the idea of bringing ham to life again was very funny. It would become a Zombie Ham, so of course it would have to attack someone.

Then, I had the three main wills to direct this movie. At this time, I already directed a few movies with the lomokino, I made some tests and everything, so I was kind of a boss in Lomokino movie making. It’s a very specific knowledge that the other directors around me don’t have. Moreover, I wanted the special effects to be handmade and realised on the footage, without after-effects or any computer. The Lomokino was again the most comfortable, the most creative camera to make this movie, and it combined perfectly with the story and the way to tell it.

How did you make that slice of ham come alive?! We want to know your secret! Were there special gadgets involved?
I’m a director, and I’ve been – and still am, sometimes – an assistant. This job permitted me to see very different techniques, including animation. A few years ago, I was in love with the modeling clay, (I worked in Michel Gondry’s company, Partizan midi-minuit) and then I learned how to animate objects, using structures.

The structure is the most important thing when you wants to animate an object. As you and I have bones under our skin, you need to add bones in some objects to create the illusion of life. Of course this ham slice wasn’t a simple one.

For the shot where the ham begins to fly, I used two ham slices sticked together, with a paperboard slice between. So the ham slice became more solid. My friend Zoubeir was hidden in a corner of the room, a broomstick in his hands. I linked the ham slice and the broomstick with nylon wire, then this special ham slice came to life !

For the close-up where the ham slice starts its life, I simply shoted frame by frame, adding more and more small objects behind the slice so it seemed to elevate.

It seems to be very simple, but it was actually very difficult.

Can you share some tips for Lomographers who wish to add effects to their LomoKino movies?

  1. Don’t forget that the lomokino allows you to make frame by frame movies.
  2. Using nylon wire can produce very impressive results.
  3. Watch Michel Gondry’s early music videos, watch Norman Mc Laren films, watch Méliès movies because he is the one who invented the special effects. And believe me, in his time, there was no computers.

Any interesting or funny random moments that occurred while shooting?
There were three of us during the shooting. None of us ate ham for maybe one month after that !

The guitar music was provided by a friend of mine. We were chatting on Facebook, I asked him “I know you make music, but I’ve never heard anything from you.” He sent me music, and it’s now on Jambie.

The french word for Ham is Jambon. The title of the film is a mix between jambon and zombie. Jambie.

I haven’t a very good memory, but anyway, it’s always fun to make a movie.

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