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Tony Scott will be remembered for his classics: Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop II, Enemy of the State and Spy Game, to name a few. There aren’t many words for a director who’s artform is both visual and spoken so, here’s a homage in the form of “stills” from some of his films throughout the ages.

Images via The Guardian

Tony Scott was an English film director and the man behind the infamous Top Gun which put Tom Cruise on the map. Following this blockbuster, the 80s became his era.

Can you name the Blockbuster films the pictured stills are from? Also, can you name the camera Brad Pitt has around his neck?

Image via The Guardian

Tony Scott’s “trademark” style is said to have been “frenetic camera style”_. As opposed to another cinematic great from a past era, Robert BressonBresson, who often did so many takes of a single, short, sequence, that his actors were listless by the end of shooting, Tony Scott loved inciting momentum and doing as few takes as possible in order to capture the raw essence of his actors at their peak while portraying their characters.

He came from a cinematic family – with Sir Ridley Scott being his brother – and has influenced our families very much, with one or more of his films always on the roster for family movie night! He’ll be missed!

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