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Since we’re in the middle of the summer, we’re going to the sea through Sergio Villalba’s plastic lens, a photographer from the Canary Islands who is specialized in the European surfing scene. Don’t miss the amazing images he has captured with his Diana and what he’s about to tell us.

Hi Sergio, tell us a little bit about you, briefly and casually!

I’m a young guy from the Canary Islands, a compulsive traveler, curious, stubborn and a non-conformist. An authentic workaholic. I love photography and living quietly. I enjoy growing up but I don’t like becoming a wrong-up. I’ve always believed that the body becomes wrinkled and starts losing life only when you allow your mind to grow old.

Which is the best part of your work?

Every single part of it. Being able to make a living from photography is a dream came true. It keeps me alive, it makes me evolve and improve. It’s a never-ending profession, neither you get fed up with it nor it exhausts. Mainly working as a sports photographer, especially surf, I also have to be fit. And then you’ve got all the experiences lived while travelling, all the people you meet who, even though they stay behind you, are part of who you are and who you will be.

And the worst one?

The only drawback I can think of is that sometimes I’d like to spend more time at home. But it isn’t that bad. Maybe we should ask my sore back.

How was the experience of shooting with your Diana?

It’s been really interesting to go back to the film. I’ve always been an analogue photography lover but today there’s no room for a slide in commercial photography. Everything is for yesterday. I must admit that my 35mm cameras are in the depth of my wardrobe. However, I still shoot medium format with an old Pentax 67, just in order to think twice before shooting and because of the texture of a black and white film. The Diana has the organic part of analogue photography but there’s no need to pay excessive attention to the framing or the exposure. Let’s say that the essence of any Lomo is the surprise.

Diana F+ in five words.

Classic – Light – Disappointing – Exciting – Motivating

Is there something analogue in your every-day work or (as much as it will sadden us) are you a digital boy?

As I was saying, at a commercial level I’m all digital. Nowadays, that’s what the market demands. Many of our works go with the client before getting on the plane. Publishing companies hardly accept slides or negatives.

However I still save part of the budget for films, basically in black and white. There’s nothing better than hearing the noise of the mirror of my old Pentax 67. I like it in a special way because the first feature I made in Morocco a long long time ago was almost 100% made with this camera. Sometimes I see the pictures and realize that not only that texture is impossible to achieve with PhotoShop, but also the same colors of a Velvia or an Ektachrome are unique.

If you could teleport to any remote place right now with your Diana F+ and a bag of films, where would you go?

Without thinking it twice, to Williamsburgh in NYC. Is it a proposition? :)

Which character, either dead or alive, real or unreal, would you like to photograph of and, once there, have a drink with him?

I would choose a black leader like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X or even Bob Marley. There’s a lack of real leaders nowadays.

What projects are you working on lately? What are your plans for the future? If you can share them with us, of course…

A year ago I started a photography agency with my partner Javi Muñoz. Its name is WE Photo Agency (wephotoagency.com). We have been working really hard since then. I can’t think of a day off. It has offered us really good opportunities. It’s working. Our last project is a surfing website called www.margruesa.com. If you love surf or you’re just curious about it, don’t hesitate to visit it! :)

You wanna know more about Sergio and his work, right? Well, then go to www.wephotoagency.com and let yourself go with his pics.

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translated by bisilala

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