Quench Your Analogue Thirst with Pink Lemonade Film!

2012-08-27 10

Pink Lemonade is a special kind of film you can’t get in stores. In fact, the only place you’ll find it is in your own kitchen, or friendly neighborhood lemonade stand! See how I souped my film in this citrus juice and got refreshing results!

Credits: denisesanjose

One hot summer night, I was really bored and really thirsty. I headed to the kitchen to make myself a glass of lemonade and sat back down on my computer to while away on the Internet. Then I read some articles about destroying film and decided to dunk some rolls in film soups!

I usually shoot with expired film but its plain, grainy look can literally get old. I threw a Kodak UltraMax roll into the beverage, marinated for 30 minutes, and let it dry (which I discovered is the tricky part, but more on that later). Here’s how the Pink Lemonade roll turned out.

Credits: denisesanjose

It was an experiment upon an experiment because I was also testing a camera that I just got on eBay and I was blown away by the results!

Credits: denisesanjose

Naturally, I didn’t care for the cameras performance much (and I couldn’t really gauge its condition then) but the film definitely yielded some interesting photos, as seen in these abstractions.

Credits: denisesanjose

I especially loved the hazy, splotchy portraits. The colors are so trippy and gorgeous!

Credits: denisesanjose

Overall, I love how the entire roll looked like psychedelic fragments of a dream.

Credits: denisesanjose

Easy peazy lemon squeezy? Mostly, but I messed up during the drying part which is why the other two films I souped were exposed. I also did half-hour marinations in some white wine from Australia (2008 chardonnay) and in a hazardous mixture of household cleaning detergents (Kaboom, bleach, dishwashing soap). When I checked the film from the cleaning agents, the tongue had been stripped clear! Some people shot with their rolls before souping them, but I tried it the other way around which is why I had to get the drying part done before loading them into the camera to make sure the snappers wouldn’t get damaged.

I tried to dry them up by wrapping them in tissue and letting the liquids get absorbed. It worked a bit but the rolls weren’t completely dry. When I pulled a bit of the film out, some juices came with it and I didn’t want to load them into my cameras leaking. So I turned my bathroom into a temporary darkroom (covered the window, sealed the door cracks, etc.), pulled all the film out, and hung them out to dry on the shower rod. I was afraid that they’d get exposed since I could still see in the dark a little so I hastily towel-dried one roll and rewound it back into the canister. The other two were left to dry for half an hour which is probably why nothing came out of them.

But at least the Pink Lemonade roll was a success and I’ll definitely be destroying more film soon!

See more photos from this roll in Pink Lemonade Film.

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  1. mjouty
    mjouty ·

    Maybe too washed out because of the bleach, but still really nice work! I love that ghostly and trippy atmosphere ;)

  2. megaman49
    megaman49 ·

    i have to try this...I have a stock of Kodak **cough**boring**cough** Gold that i have been saving for some experimental stuff

  3. pierrest
    pierrest ·

    love it too ! wonder what happens in a hot beverage...like tea....

  4. denisesanjose
    denisesanjose ·

    @mjouty Kind eerie, right?

    @megaman49 You should. Let us know how it goes!

    @pierrest The heat definitely has an effect on the results. Try it! :-)

  5. aoizumi
    aoizumi ·

    Thank you for the article! Did you self-develop or send the soupy rolls to a lab?

  6. denisesanjose
    denisesanjose ·

    @aoizumi Lab developed :-)

  7. nonspecificscientific
    nonspecificscientific ·

    @denisesanjose, I tried this post exposure and I liked the results, but they weren't as colorful as yours. On one of the rolls, the shadows took a bluish tone and the highlights were pinkish gold. But this article inspired me to try the trick, and I gotta say, I love the results and look forward to saturating my film in lemonade again! :D

  8. denisesanjose
    denisesanjose ·

    @nonspecificscientific Oh cool! I think you should try a different lemonade flavor next time, like blueberry lemonade or half-and-half! Haha

  9. nonspecificscientific
    nonspecificscientific ·

    That sounds fun, delicious, and daring. I think I'll drop the roll in some Hubert's lemonade. I always love explaining to the lab guys that there might be some anomalies because I *accidentally* dropped it in something.

    Also, I've tried Grapefruit juice... highly acidic, but not really great on the results.

  10. denisesanjose
    denisesanjose ·

    @nonspecificscientific Nice! Share your results! :-)

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