Adding Text Animation To Your LomoKino Movie


Every wished you can add a little detail to your LomoKino movie? You can spruce it up by adding some animated text, like Snoozer did with his first LomoKino movie, “All Kids Are Inventors.” Read more after the jump!

All Kids Are Inventors by snoozer

What was your main inspiration for creating All Kids Are Inventors?
Well, I’m not only a filmmaker but also a teacher, and when I look at kids I see so much creativity. Kids are smart and simple and invent (in my opinion) so much more than older people. For kids it’s totally normal to do that. I think that it is very important to teach and stimulate children in there creativity, so they can be great inventors!!!

Director Michel Gondry said a few years ago,“I’ve been twelve forever.”
I can only say, that’s the way to go … try always to think like a kid and be an inventor!!!

How did you integrate the text into your LomoKino movie?
I did the text and text-animation in Final Cut Pro 7. The text is a layer on top of the film sequence, actually the most simple way to do text in a movie.

Can you share some tips for Lomographers who wish to add effects to their LomoKino movies?
Well, I like the rawness of the Lomokino camera on his own, so normally I use no effects in my Lomokino movies. The only thing I do sometimes is that I make short stills in the editing, so the movie is a little bit more shaky.

In Color I graded the movie a little, because color grading can give your movie much more sense and I don’t like the standard “colorgrading” effects.

Any interesting or funny random moments that occurred while shooting?
While I was shooting the movie with my 6 year old son he says after the shoot, “Daddy can I see it now on your camera?” He was totally in shock that the camera had no function in it to look back, but a few days later when we were going to the store and he saw his pictures on film in so many frames, he was so excited. For him now it was clear how film really works.

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