Pin It to Win It - A Diana Baby 110 Camera!

2012-08-31 54

Have you ever dreamed of having a tiny version of the Diana F+ to carry around with you? Well, now that the Diana Baby 110 camera is out, here’s your chance to win one! You need to get yourself familiar with Pinterest though, but that shouldn’t be a big problem, right? Read on for more details.

Still haven’t gotten a Diana Baby 110 Camera yet? Create a Diana Baby board on Pinterest and you could win one!

The Mechanics:

1. Follow Lomography on Pinterest and “like” us on Facebook.

2. Create your “Lomography Diana Baby 110” board on your Pinterest account. Pin Diana Baby 110 with these photos:

Fill up the rest of the board with Diana Baby 110 sample photos from this gallery or repin from our Diana Baby 110 board on Pinterest.

3. Your description of the photos must include the #Lomography hashtag. Boards without the “Lomography Diana Baby 110” title or category will not be eligible.

4. Submit your board in the comments box below and tell us why you want to win.

5. The winner will be selected by Lomography and will receive a Diana Baby 110.

Increase your chances of winning by sharing your board with your friends! This rumble will last for one week, so keep pinning!

Here is an example of the Diana Baby 110 board for your reference:

Lomography Diana Baby 110 Board at Pinterest

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  1. elspencer2
    elspencer2 ·… - I'd love this camera because in september I'm going back to college to study photography and I'll be learning all about film photography and pin hole photography as well as digital . it would be a great help to me and who knows maybe you'll be asking me to take pictures for you in the future!

  2. maine27
    maine27 ·

    I am always a fan of photography - may it be analog or digital. i always love taking pictures. I even took an elective in photography during my school days. I don't know why but i always feel happy whenever i take pictures. It gives me pleasure and a positive feeling. Currently, I am learning to take pictures using analog cameras and having a lomo camera has been one of my dreams. I want to win this Diana Baby 110 lomo cam because I know that it is really an awesome camera. Also, I find it very cute and having seen some of the sample photos, i believe that it really captures and produces amazing photos. great for recording happy moments in an awesome way. Diana Baby 110, please be mine. :)

  3. skysplits
    skysplits ·

    I'd love to get a camera like that. First of all, I wouldn't be able to join this without knowing this site.. I only found this site from a page called "You, Me & Charlie" on facebook made by Dianna Agron. So that is another reason why I want this, cause it's also has the same name as Ms. Agron.. removing the second n on the name. Plus, I'll be able to take alot of beautiful pictures and share it with my friends, family and everyone! I hope I can get it :( I want one so bad!

  4. cheaptalk
    cheaptalk ·

    Honestly, I moved to Dublin 2 years ago and I fell in love with the city. I would like to take the Diana baby with me everyday to capture the character of the city and the people that inhabit it. I don't think enough people realize how multicultural, young, and unique this city is and I want to share that.

  5. caronicolas
    caronicolas · I want to win because I have all the other diana camera, I love it and I want one to get with me all time!

  6. ninjanokami
    ninjanokami ·
    I bought a La Sardina some time ago and i became addicted to Lomography, i wont leave my home without it, sometimes i cant carry it with me, and this is the ideal camera to do so. My friends are all loving Lomography thanks to me, and maybe if i have a Baby Diana, we could go hunting togheter.

  7. davidlatache
    davidlatache ·

    my board on pinterest:
    I'd like to win the Diana Baby 110 because her mum Diana F+ waits the little for dinner :)

  8. uh-oh-spaghettio
    uh-oh-spaghettio ·
    I'd love to win because I adore analogue photography and would love to add a tiny little Diana to my small lomography collection!

  9. schlogoat
    schlogoat ·

    I would love to win because I am so happy since I came back to the fine ways of analogue, but I have only been able to get the Diana Baby's older sister Diana F+ so far! Having a Diana Baby would be sweeeet! I have never used 110 film and am intrigued and excited about trying it. All new and different ways to show my photographs are welcomed and I hope the Diana Baby's help will come my way!

  10. lieyasyaira
    lieyasyaira ·
    I really want to win but I know there are more qualified can spot from me which I really do not know anything about Lomography. if I get this 110 Baby Diana, I will use it with thousands of beautiful pictures that I will share with my friends. because with only one image it can not afford to create memories that I will never forget as long as I live. ^^

  11. cutebun
    cutebun · I would love to win a Diana Baby to make my friends jealous and at the same time make them interested in lomography and so we can form a Diana Baby shooting group and shoot with this tiny and cute camera!

  12. 2310troublemaker
    2310troublemaker · Photographs, my life!tought by my father who is not in life anymore, i've learned that a picture always tells the truth!Is always there for you and makes you heart beating......i'm not so lucky so far at competitions but it sure worth the trying because i like these thing you're doing! My respects for your work an a good luck for me! ^-^

  13. scarletmind
    scarletmind ·
    i've already got a Diana F+, and i really really want this lil sister to go out with!

  14. cla_baesso
    cla_baesso ·
    I want to win because I'm in love with all the 110 family! They're so tiny and beautiful!

  15. presidents
    presidents · - Would love the Diana Baby! My first camera was a red plastic 110, and I've always wanted a Diana, so this is would be perfect. :)

  16. emmelie
    emmelie ·
    I want to win because this camera is super cute and I'd love to take it with me 24/7! :D

  17. saturnastic
    saturnastic ·

    Well, it would be really amazing to go out with this mini cam. You could take it anywhere and take pics everywhere!
    Such a nice cam to have around, taking unexpected pictures to people, fantastic to hide under your jacket and shoot some pictures.
    Hope I get a chance to win this Diana Baby 110 :)!

  18. sleepners_gift
    sleepners_gift ·

    I want so much to win it because it will be another ornament in my tresaurus.
    Thank you for all that beautifyl chances.

  19. cris-oya-1
    cris-oya-1 ·
    I want Diana Baby because is the cutest way to live lomography's life style. Thanks guys.

  20. gm_mcleod
    gm_mcleod ·
    Yes, I have lots of cameras - but...
    Are any of them this small & cute? - NO!
    Do I have any that allow me to change the film in the middle of a roll? - NO!
    Do any of them take 110 film? - NO!

    Do I love square photos? - YES!!
    Do I love carrying around a camera with me 24/7? - YES!!

  21. inezchew
    inezchew ·
    I want a Diano Baby 110 because since young I've always loved photography! As a student who loves traveling, it is important to travel light. But hey the Diana Mini 110 is super light, small, cute and trendy! Photography to me, whether analogue of film, is like form of art to me. With this baby, I get to go everywhere and snap perfect memories and moments with people or interesting places! I think lomography describes a thousand words! I also get to express myself with this camera with my creativity, go beyond the boundaries of photography, experience new forms of Lomography. This camera lets us change films in the middle of a roll--- so convienient. I mean, who wouldn't die for the super cute and awesome Diana Baby 110?

  22. inezchew
    inezchew ·

    Oops *Diana so sorry!

  23. innest
    innest ·
    i had a diana mini and unfortunately i've lost it. now this is a great chance to bring back all the good times i spent with it, but now with the diana baby 110. finger crossed!!

  24. tikismeekis
    tikismeekis ·
    I love the Diana baby! It's the cutest camera ever! It just looks like her bigger sisters (DIana+ and Diana Mini) but way cuter! When you actually see it you just can go AWWWW!! And I'm quite sure that she takes photos as good as her sisters! Who wouldn't want to adopt this little baby!

  25. schwinny
    schwinny ·
    Really want this camera because it's so well designed and TINY. I'll be able to take this with me anywhere and fit it into any purse or clutch that I own. Love that the size of this camera has no bulkiness but doesn't reduce the picture output.

  26. mariebblake
    mariebblake ·

    I would love to win the Diana Baby 110 because it would be small enough to carry in my purse yet efficient enough to take high quality photos, plus it is a great conversation piece.

  27. jacqgrif
    jacqgrif ·

    Winning the Diana Baby 110 would be awesome! I would not only have an amazing camera but also one small enough to fit in my handbag to take with me everywhere I go so I wouldn't miss out on once in a life time memory photo's such as photo's of my son's graduation from Navy SEAL Training. Thank you so much!

  28. tsingtao
    tsingtao ·
    Because I don't have any 110 or Diana camera..

  29. krzteli
    krzteli ·

    I love Retro Vintage Photography!
    I love taking photos.
    I love Lomography.

    And because this is the CUTEST camera I had ever seen. I would definitely bring this everywhere I go. I always wanted to own a lomography camera someday. I've been saving up to get one someday. I would love to win this tiny Diana camera!

  30. sitirauzah
    sitirauzah ·

    I got inspired by Yuna, her photos are vintage-perfect and she really inspires me. This was what made me interested in the Lomography world. I simply adore the non-HD quality, yet picture perfect at its best. I personally have my own wall of photos, and I'd love to add more with those from a Lomo camera. The way I see it, the results of the films produced, it truly mesmerizes me. Lomo is indeed a whole new chapter to my book of photos. Moreover with it's cute, funky and chic style. I'm sure it's every girls dream to get one. And what more attractive, it's in blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  31. simaqoo
    simaqoo ·
    I want to win the Diana Baby 110 because in my country (Ukraine) the Lomography is not so popular and you can't find camera like this. I want to show my friends how cute and interesting can be a proccess of making photos with this camera. And I want to be one of the happy people, who own this little miracle)

  32. flychickenfly
    flychickenfly ·
    I really want the Diana Baby 110 because I really love Lomography yet I can't afford to get another Lomography Camera since I got the Diana Mini earlier on this year already. Ever since I fell in love with Lomography, I have been wanting to collect all the different types of Lomography cameras and stack them up in my shelf to display to my family and friends. However, I'm only 14 and my only source of "income" is my weekly allowance, thus I can't afford another Lomography camera currently and I don't want to burden my parents by insisting them to get me one! [The joy of getting a camera by my own abilities is unexplainable too!] My young age does not limit my love for Lomography though! :)

    The moment I saw 110 films and cameras being produced by Lomography, I told myself that I had to get a camera using 110 film as soon as I save up enough money, thus with the arrival of the Diana Baby 110 [and the 12mm lens] I was totally over the moon and told myself that if I were to get any camera using 110 film any soon, it HAD to be the Diana Baby 110! I honestly hope that I will win this competition and get the Diana Baby 110 so that I can bring it around - during outings - so I can amaze my friends with it and hopefully get some candid shots without them noticing it, since it's so small yet beautiful! :D

  33. deprofundis
    deprofundis · I have a Diana F+ and this is a great chance to give her a gorgeous child so I would love to win this little camera

  34. talaura-harms
    talaura-harms ·
    Why do I want to win? uuuummm.... Why wouldn't I want to win.

  35. triciadoll
    triciadoll ·

    Mama needs a baby! My Diana F+ would love to raise a little Diana Baby 110! Would sooooooooo LOVE to take 110 photos, what a flashback to my youth! Tricia :)

  36. sofialucifera
    sofialucifera ·

    Please, give me MY wild baby!

  37. kevin190791
    kevin190791 ·

    I had own a diana f+ camera for two years,
    Let me win a diana baby 110 please, so i can go hunt for pictures with my cute chihuahua dog =p
    He can't really have a hold of a diana f+ since it is too big for his little paw
    Both me and my chihuahua are a lomography lovers, we took pictures together in all activities like swimming, bbq, jogging and even chasing the postman
    Please let me win the diana baby 110 as a present for his coming birthday.
    My chihuahua will be really happy for it

    100% Legit Story!!!

  38. avocado-in-a-world-of-cucumbers
    avocado-in-a-world-of-cucumbers ·
    I would love to win because... All those people I see on the tube that I wish I could snap - sorted with the Diana Baby 110. All those times when my friends won't act natural with a camera in their face - sorted with the Diana Baby 110. All those awkward conversations when I need an ice-breaker - sorted with the Diana Baby 100. All those pictures I want in black & white when I already loaded colour film - sorted with the Diana Baby 110. All those moments I want to capture - sorted with the Diana Baby 110! What a dream.

  39. iceiclesified
    iceiclesified ·

    I want it to be the first lomography camera I owned

  40. virpi
    virpi ·
    I just love the square format and how tiny it is! Diana baby could finally be the camera I actually do take everywhere with me and follow the golden ruloes of lomography. I got my first lca in 1999 and have been shooting actively with it since. But it is a little too heavy to carry around all the time!

  41. sexyinred
    sexyinred ·
    i want to win it because i want to shoot from the hip, i wanna be discreet when i went for street shooting. i want to be fast before the person even realised i was shooting them.
    i want it also as apart of my collection of lomography 110 baby camera.
    i want to bring it to any party i went and be the center stage just because i have the cutest camera.
    and of course capture the scene and lights while i'm at it.
    i want it because it's the thing i could not live home without.... =)

  42. pedromcdc
    pedromcdc ·

    Gotta complete the family with the new baby. Gotta complete the family with the new baby.

  43. captain_mary
    captain_mary ·
    I want to win, because this camera is super cute and so am I. ;) We would match perfectly.

  44. ballasarah
    ballasarah ·
    i want to win, because i need a little version of my diana for traveling, hanging around and taken a photo of every moment!!! i must wiiiiiiin!!!!! this camera is so cuuuuuute!!!!!

  45. abels
    abels · I want to win because i never meet any Diana in my life ;)
    I wanna hanging out with my sprocket rocket and my (i hope soon) baby Diana :D
    Make me happy!

  46. ballasarah
    ballasarah ·

    i want to win, because i need a little version of my diana for traveling, hanging around and taken a photo of every moment!!! i must wiiiiiiin!!!!! this camera is so cuuuuuute!!!!!…

  47. tak_nie
    tak_nie ·

    Summer is about to end, sun is about to hide, fall is slowly coming. Days become rainy and grey. Obligations and everyday routine is back. Let me win a closet door to narnia, where time stops and I can shoot memories with diana baby 110 and then stick them in the sky.

  48. jpgalvan
    jpgalvan ·

    I recently started my way across this fascinating world of Lomography with an Holga 120. It would be a pleasure to continue with this brand new beauty and rediscover the world of 110 film!

  49. xtina70
    xtina70 ·

    why i had to win this? because i need this baby in my life :)

  50. lulumjs
    lulumjs ·

    my board is here:

    Why i had to win this? because I LOVE HER, I promise to give her a home, a sister (mini diana) and i never left her alone and without a film ;)

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