Taman Safari Zoo, Indonesia


This Zoo gives you an experience unlike any other. A great place for the family and friends, you’re never too old for this place. It is located in the mountains, and the drive from the city is not too far away. They are members with World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), South East Asian Zoos Association, and Conservation breeding specialist group (CBSG). The animals will greet right when you hit their kingdom!

Taman Safari Indonesia is a Zoo (noo..?!). Located outside of the city, it takes a 2-hour drive to reach the animals, and entrance fee is about $6 per person. Now take note, you still need a vehicle to enter the animal kingdom, or you can opt for the shuttle service of Taman Safari Indonesia.

Once you’ve paid for the entrance fee, you will slowly drive your way into the animal kingdom *insert thriller sounds here. Yes you read that right, your experience starts in your car! You will travel at slow speeds to see different animals, from deers to bulls to elephants, see all this in the comfort of your car! In some areas of the drive, the zoo allows you to let down your windows. But I always rolled up my windows when an animal would approach the car, the Llama has fierce looking teeth and was able to let some saliva drop inside the car. You can feed some of the animals with carrots, the deers love them! But beware, in the area of the tiger and lion, you are not allowed to open your window. Even if they are just laying down and sitting proud, don’t open your window!

The beautiful part of this zoo is that they create an environment suited for the animals, almost replicating their actual homes, and the animals are not complaining.

You think this zoo will be spent entirely in your car?! Hell no! At the end of the driving-while-seeing-animals sections, that’s when you’re going to stretch those legs! You can explore Taman Safari even more; they have a baby zoo, bird sanctuary, animal shows, water world attraction, and so much more. Walking around is an experience, because you will come across a wide range of different animals. I got to see a Komodo dragon! I was excited about that, it wasn’t doing any action, but I got to see it! They increased their collection of animals, I mean, their attractions. They even have dolphins and penguins now, who would’ve thought Indonesia would be a host to them?!

On the fun side of this Zoo, is the interaction you have with the animals. You can feed the elephants, monkeys. Mingle and wrestle with the orangutans! Pet and take a picture with the baby lion, baby tiger, and baby white tiger! And if snakes are your thing, feel free to play with their snake…hehe. Is this still not enough to convince you to come to this lomolocation? Fine, they also have stunt shows, bird shows (I saw this one, amazing performance!), dolphin shows, and many more! And if you’re not a morning person, they have a night safari open every night! It’s a huge land to walk around in, but the cold air makes it fun and easy to walk around. Come visit Taman Safari Indonesia! I thought I was quite old for this thing, but I had a lot of fun seeing and hanging out with the animals! By the way, I saw your little brother swinging from a tree =D

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  1. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    taman safari yuuuhuuuuuu!! love this!

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Very cool animal portraits with the fisheye !!!

  3. lapzod
    lapzod ·

    I went to Taman second time I was in Indo. It's a great place!

  4. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    @lapzod it is right?!!hehe WOO!
    @all thanks for checking out this location =)

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