Fisheye and Me

2012-09-06 2

People always say that your first crush is memorable; that your first love is unforgettable. I immediately knew the feeling when I owned the Fisheye. Here’s my memorable, unforgettable story, together with it.

I grew up in a fishing village, yet I don’t eat fish. Funny.

The time I started having a deep connection with fish was in the year 2010, when I got a Fisheye 2, which was my first Lomography camera. I simply liked the features of the Fisheye 2, especially its protruding eye on top of it. People whisper about it: toy-like, functionless, old-fashioned. WHO CARES. Deep inside, I was jumping up and down with excitement when handling it the first time.

The very first snap of it.
Hustle and bustle of city.
Close distance eye contact with a goat.
170-degree wide angle view of a temple.
Wide angle easily fit all of us in.
Light painting using B mode.

I was glad when people changed their minds. Toy-like NO MORE, functionless NO MORE, old-fashioned NO MORE. I received common feedbacks like “WOW”, “COOL” and “How did you do that?”. Easy. Remember the sixth Lomographic golden rule – Don’t think, just shoot.

That’s life.

I always have good time with it, till the day…when we were in Sarawak. I was jumping and skipping with joy, waiting for a boat to approach. Maybe it was my carelessness. I didn’t notice the loosening of my camera strap and then it dropped into the river under the bridge. I could feel the world stopped turning. 1 second… 2 seconds… plopped. I didn’t have enough time to say goodbye, and it swam away.

Men need freedom, I guess fish do too. My Fisheye 2 swam back to its own world.

Who knows, perhaps after centuries, it will be exhibited in a museum located in Sarawak, as an artifact. Don’t forget, the roll of film inside still got me. So I’m gonna be famous in the future?!!

Wait and see.

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  1. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    That's sad. But don't stop shooting with films!

  2. emmaaaa
    emmaaaa ·

    Sad, but lovely shots.

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