Gallery Store Grand Opening Munich - Live Update - Part 2


The official launch party at the Lomography Gallery Store Munich goes on and on and on! Have a look at what’s happening at the store after the jump.

What would be a live event without some technical problems… boring, right? After the soundcheck the band noticed that the drums didn’t work, so we had to act fast and organize new ones from somewhere in Munich in the middle of the night!!

After problem one was solved, problem two occured – bad internet connection. But here we are again; back in the world wide web, reporting live from our neighbours “Zum Rostigen Pudel” to give you a BIG update!

Check out the pics from the beginning of the party when the first guests arrived till the band started playing!

DJ Set and the first guests

Dadajugend Polyform live @ the Munich Grand Opening

live gig from Dadajugend Polyform
Dadajugend live!

Thanks to everyone for coming! It was a blast! And thanks to Dadajugend Polyform for the amazing gig!

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Pictures from the party will be published in our LomoHome afterwards.

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