A Night in Felixstowe


Whether you call it a night on the tiles, drinks with friends, partying, a night out, on the razz, drinking or even on the pull Felixstowe has more to offer then meets the eye.

So, let me set the scene. You’re a student in Suffolk, or visiting Suffolk. For some reason. You are staying in the seaside town of Felixstowe and decide to go out on the Friday or Saturday for a few beverages and a fun time with friends. While you’re out, you decide to go for a BBQ with me and my friends. I under cook a few sausages and burn all the burgers, but other than that the food is great.

We then proceed to the Grosvener (one of the most heavily student populated pubs in Felixstowe). For some strange reason, the pub is empty, so we continue to the next beverage distribution points located along the seafront of this quaint seaside resort. We are standing outside BAR129 a very small bar with very few seats and lots of people inside. But this doesn’t matter, they serve great drinks, have great music from the jukebox, and best of all, we get almost V.I.P treatment, because one of the guys with us is nephew of the owner. The light is dim, there are hot, well dressed bodies tightly knit together from the bar to the door as the bass of the music thumps and the coloured lights from this and other bars shine randomly throughout the bar. I have an LC-A in hand with a colorsplash flash attached. As soon as people see this beautiful camera, they do silly things, they pose, they try and hide from its Minitar 1 lens, they even ask how many mega pixels it has!

The morning after the night before: A good night was had by all. Drinks were drunk, songs were sung, fun was had, and most importantly of all, photos were taken.


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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Cool party shots ! 17 reminds me of someone I know... 8D

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