Corner Sneak Peek on Lomography's photokina 2012 Booth

2012-09-06 1

If you’ve been to photokina, you know how Lomography is just crazy about its booth. This year, Lomography’s booth will cover a space of 500 square meters. Don’t know how big that is? Picture two tennis courts next to one another. Yeap, it’s THAT big!

We’re working hard to present photokina 2012 guests with the best that we can offer. We’d like to show off our cool stuff, but that would take away the surprise elements. Instead, here’s a couple of shots of our booth in the making!

We went down to the workshop and took (authorized) photos of what they are working on for Lomography’s booth at this year’s photokina. Can you tell what it might look like from those puzzling pics?

We also took pictures of the stuff that you will be able to play around with. Can you guess what you will do with these materials?

If you can’t be bothered with guessing and all this mystery, just head on to photokina 2012 and witness Lomography’s spectacle of a booth. We will have plenty of things for you to marvel at. Come and delight your eyes and mind!

Check Lomography's photokina microsite regularly and keep yourself updated with what Lomography is up to for photokina 2012.

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