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We’re bringing you three featured Analogue Lifestyle articles by our community members from the past weeks of August! Find out about anonymous’ trip to Northern Iraq, j_rad’s obsession with camera hunting, and rachiiroo1080’s fun time with the Fisheye here. Happy analogue living and reading!

Photos by anonymous

Lifestyle Feature of the Week (July 30 – August 5)

“Take a look at an inside view of Iraq from the eyes of someone visiting for the first time. You might be surprised to learn about what the country really has to offer. In Iraq, I was treated so well and everyone was so polite to me. I took away some nice memories.”

Read more from Traveling Through North Iraq by anonymous

Photos by j_rad

Lifestyle Feature of the Week (August 6 – August 12)

“A reflection on the growth of my camera collection, and the growth of my person. Why do we take photos? Why do we collect cameras? What does photography mean to you? Remember, Lomography is not an interference in your life, It’s a part of it. Buy cameras, take photos, share them, and show the world who you are and what 2012 felt like.”

Read more from Fifty: On Collections and Obsessions by j_rad

Photos by rachiiroo1080

Lifestyle Feature of the Week (August 13 – August 19)

“When the sun is shining, don’t just sit at home and watch the birds fly by, grab a camera, any camera, whether its your mum’s old one or your dad’s brand new camera that he got for Christmas. You’ll remember the shots that you take that day because you didn’t have a plan, because you were spontaneous, and took shots of the moments of life in that one day that you liked the look of.”

Read more from Fun with the Fishy: A Sunny Day with a Bright Orange Fisheye by rachiiroo1080

Did you miss our round-up of inspirational and aspirational articles dubbed Lifestyle Feature of the Week? We’ve chosen three great reads from the beginning of August to tide you over til the next installment! We picked these submissions because they encapsulate exactly what living analogue is about. Rachael’s seemingly ordinary day is made special through the extraordinary 170-degree lens of the Fisheye. Meanwhile, Anonymous traveled to a foreign land with a notorious reputation with just one borrowed Olympus camera and shared his unexpectedly pleasant memoirs from the trip with some equally beautiful photos. And finally, as maybe every Lomographer has experienced, there’s some serious analogue geekery going on with Jared and his GAQ—gear acquisition syndrome! But he says it best when he reiterates that analogue photography should be part of your life and not a hindrance or hassle, and that we take photos because we want to remember. So go on and Lomo on!

Congratulations on winning 10 Piggies each!

If you’d like to be considered for Article of the Week, keep submitting your analogue stories! Check out our requested posts to see what we’re looking for and keep writing!

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