Lomography Colour Tiger 110 – A Quietly Strong Film For All Conditions


Despite its relatively low ISO of 200, Lomography Colour Tiger 110 makes for a solid all-weather companion in the right camera, producing photos with a lovely vintage feel.

Credits: samwise_camus

For Lomographers who sometimes struggle to find as much time for Lomowalks as they would like, Lomography’s revival of the 110 format is perfect. The small size of 110 cameras, making even the Diana Mini look big by comparison, appeal because you can readily have one in a pocket wherever you go, even if it was somewhere you wouldn’t normally have the space or time for a camera. Everywhere can be a shooting gallery.

I sadly missed the boat on Orca, but was quick to buy a 5-Streak of Tiger once it was released, as well as my new favourite camera, a Pentax Auto 110. It arrived during a quiet spell so I immediately loaded up (as much as you can be said to load up with a camera this small) and went on a test run around the house before meeting a pal in York for a coffee. I shot as many different subjects in different lighting conditions as I could, just to see what the film was capable of. One week later after LomoLab processed my first roll, I found myself mightily impressed; the Tiger lives up to its strong and hearty namesake.

Credits: samwise_camus

Despite the dull weather and the handful of indoor shots, the vibrancy and sharpness of the photos was exemplary. Any blurriness is the result of handshake rather than a fault of the film. The colours come out very natural; the film is quite honest and representative of what I saw with my own eyes at the time. There is a kind of subdued faded-ness to some shots, though I imagine that is more the result of the subjects and lighting conditions than the film itself. Also, the resulting photos have a certain grain, albeit one that is subtle rather than obtrusive in a way that I personally very much like. It lends a charming vintage feel to the photos, giving them a characterful appearance.

Credits: samwise_camus

However, it is worth noting that, unfortunately for my hopes of a more comprehensive test, the weather was dull and overcast for the majority of the day I went out to shoot. As such, I don’t know as of now the resulting feel of outdoor photos from a clearer bright day. However, given how well shots came out in low-light conditions I have absolute faith that it will perform admirably then too.

Credits: samwise_camus

I can recommend to anyone looking to join the 110 revival to use Lomography Colour Tiger 110. And don’t be afraid if you’re shooting on a low-light day – The Tiger is more than up to the challenge.

written by samwise_camus on 2012-08-23 #gear #review #colour-negative #tiger #110 #iso-200 #pentax-auto-110


  1. vicker313
    vicker313 ·

    the photos are much sharper than i expect from a 110 film! i guess because of the pentax auto 110 itself is good... probably you can write another article on the camera!

  2. joush
    joush ·

    I agree. I would love to read a review of your camera as well. Just got my Minolta weathermatic-A in today and can't wait to load it with some tiger!

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