A Lomography Inspired Trip to Berlin Part 6


After purchasing the Lomography City Guide Berlin on a whim, I suddenly found myself in love with the little world painted inside; and since I’ve had a hankering to go travelling for quite some time now, I got myself a passport, convinced my friend Sarah that she wanted to come with me, and made my little whimsical dream become a reality! Here’s part 6 of our Berlin adventures!

Day 6: The day started off well with the best breakfast ever at Cayetano, Kopernikusstr. 18. For 7 euros, you can get fresh apple juice, a bread basket, and a beautifully-presented plate of lettuce, butter, ewe’s curd, cheese, cured meat, melon, tomato, apple, blood orange, cucumber, and a boiled egg; it was crazy good! With our bellies feeling very happy, we went to Mitte to see the Monument to the Murdered Jews of Europe (241). Like many of the monuments dealing with Berlin’s past, this is very well done. It doesn’t try to make any grand or ostentatious statements but it works very well in its chilling simplicity. While walking through it you’ll feel a very uneasy sensation, which soon becomes vaguely disorientating; very effective. The museum underneath is a must-see and again, has been created in a perfectly humble style. Various different aspects of the exhibition including letters and pieces about whole families who suffered gravely, adds a human element to the shocking figures.

The bright colors of The Nikolaiviertel (242) in the old town helped to lighten the mood a little. It’s a stunning slice of Berlin with narrow, cobbled streets, Steiff teddy bear shops, and grand statues. You wouldn’t know that most of it had been destroyed in the war and have only been rebuilt fairly recently.

Afterwards, we went to White Trash Fast Food (134) where a combination of eccentric décor, incredible food, and a vibrant atmosphere make for a unique eating experience. The clientele is hugely varied including families, businessmen, and Americans wanting a taste of home. We had huge tankards of freshly-squeezed juice before our main; a chicken burger, chips, and a side salad for Sarah and the most amazing sticky BBQ chicken with creamy mash and a side salad for me. The salad in Germany is so full of flavor, I loved it! With our bellies full to bursting again, we took a roundabout and a leisurely walk home, taking in the sights and sounds of Berlin coming alive at night.

Stay tuned for the last part of this seven-part series!

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