A Lomography Inspired Trip to Berlin Part 5


After purchasing the Lomography City Guide Berlin on a whim, I suddenly found myself in love with the little world painted inside; and since I’ve had a hankering to go travelling for quite some time now, I got myself a passport, convinced my friend Sarah that she wanted to come with me, and made my little whimsical dream become a reality! Here’s part 5 of our Berlin adventures!

Day 5: We headed to Prenzlauerberg and went to The Monument to the Berlin Wall (014). Not much remains of the wall but you can go up high and see it from above to get a better idea of what it looked like. It is very hard to picture what it would have been like and the effect it would have had on people’s lives. A small museum commemorates the people who died trying to escape the clutches of the wall with details of their deaths. Some of the stories will stick with me for a very long time. Small metal discs on the pavements show the exact spots people died whilst attempting escape. Although harrowing, it was quite nice to see the city trying to make amends for the darkness, which enveloped, if for a large portion of the 20th century.

The temperature was already stifling so we headed to a café called Pasta Fresca at Kastanienallee 94 to devour huge tuna salads and a jug of water. Afterwards, we had a wander up the street and had a little pot of ice cream before deciding it was too hot and giving up! We went to the beach bar and sat on deckchairs drinking cold beer until the heat subsided a little so we could continue being complete tourists! We went to the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, and then had Currywurst in Alexanderplatz. The Brandenburg Gate was much more impressive in the flesh than I was anticipating.

We then went to Druide Absinthe Bar (201) where we started the night steadily with a Long Island Iced Tea and then went for the Absinthe! They did it in the traditional way, setting light to a sugar cube and stirring it in with some water. It was actually really nice despite its strength and got us drunk rather quickly! I accidentally held hands with a man on the U-Bahn…We headed back to Kreuzberg and found an amazing busker playing outside the station. She was called Alice Hills and quite a crowd had gathered to listen to her haunting voice. Afterwards, we whiled away the rest of our night at Madame Claude, such a good bar!

Stay tuned for part 6 of this 7-part series!

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