A Lomography Inspired Trip to Berlin Part 3


After purchasing the Lomography City Guide Berlin on a whim, I suddenly found myself in love with the little world painted inside; and since I’ve had a hankering to go travelling for quite some time now, I got myself a passport, convinced my friend Sarah that she wanted to come with me, and made my little whimsical dream become a reality! Here’s part 3 of our Berlin adventures!

Day 3: We decided to explore a district a little further out of town and headed for Neukolln. The atmosphere was less tourist orientated and my tattoos got a few disapproving stares, but it was nice to explore somewhere different. We went to Kornerpark (063) first, which was really pretty; neo-baroque architecture with pristine landscaped gardens. We sat and had a sunbathe for a bit but these creepy men kept approaching us and saying “We would like to know you”, which was a bit weird. We decided then would be a good time to go back into the town and get something to eat. We found an Italian restaurant by the river on Maybachufer, and had huge, delicious plates of pasta for an absolute pittance from a lovely man.

The weather was gorgeous by this point so we headed off for the Former Tempelhof Airport (001). It’s now abandoned and is used as a place for people to cycle, walk, rollerblade, play basketball, have BBQs or just chill out. A Brazilian man asked if we were from Berlin as he was a photographer doing a feature on Berliner girls for a magazine. We were quite impressed that we looked like natives, and I wanted to steal his Leica! I found a little Playmobil man in the grass so I rescued him and bought him home. We were pretty tired so we had a kebab in Ostbahnhof and then just chilled at the hostel.

Do stay tuned for the next installment of this seven-part series!:)

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