Third Street Promenade Staff Picks


Are you thinking of visiting Santa Monica and want to know the scoop from an insider’s perspective? Maybe you’re a local and haven’t visited the promenade for a while. Either way, our staff picks will show you the 3rd street promenade through analogue eyes. Lomography Gallery Store Santa Monica staff members present their favorite local spots on the promenade, check it out!

First up, a tip from staff member Jordy—look up while you’re walking around! So much of the beautiful architecture in Santa Monica is overlooked and there’s some great design in unexpected places. Jordy’s favorites include the Broadway theater with it’s Art Deco embellishments, the marketplace outside of Anthropologie for its incorporation of greenery, the top of the Levi’s building with it’s geometric line work, and of course all of the dinosaur statues lining the promenade. So many different types and styles of architecture in such a small amount of space!

Sharee loves the cliffs overlooking the ocean for the diversity brought on by Santa Monica’s beautiful views: all walks of life can be seen napping in the park here. This is a great place to find some shade, read, relax or just watch the tide roll in. Afterwards, cool off with a beer and some peel and eat shrimp at the Misfit bar on Santa Monica promenade.

Cameron grabs lunch at Joe’s Pizzeria just off the promenade at 2nd and Broadway. It’s rare to find New York Style pizza in California but Joe’s keeps it authentic. They have the best New York style pizza in the area! Grab huge foldable slices for just $2 each. This Hole-in-the-wall spot with an authentic NYC pizza parlor vibe is definitely a place to check out if you’re in the area and need a quick bite! It’s also right by the Pier, so you’re not far from some entertainment as well.

If you love 50’s style Americana, check out Joe’s favorite: Carlson’s appliances on 5th street between Santa Monica Blvd and Arizona. It used to be a TV shop, and they still have the big showroom windows and vintage signage in place. It’ll take you back to the days of the Maytag man and happy housewives with shiny new appliances!

Palisades Park, located on Ocean and Santa Monica Blvd, is one of Jake’s all time favorite places to go. Whether you’d like to relax, watch the sunset or go for a jog, it always provides for a pleasant view. Best of all, it’s free to enter and easily accessible from the hustle and bustle of the shopping area.

Next time you’re in Santa Monica, check out our favorites and don’t forget to stop by the shop, say hi and let us know what you think!

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