The Maggi Hambling “SCALLOP”


‘A Conversation with the Sea’ ‘An Eye saw’ ‘Horrible’ ‘Well Designed’ …these are just some of the things you may have heard said about this sculpture.

So, let me set the scene. You have just walked North from Aldeburgh town centre. (Aldeburgh is a quaint seaside town known for local fish, rich habitants and the best ‘FISH AND CHIPS’ in the UK!!) So you’re walking along the seafront, you ascend the rough concrete steps onto the boat clad beach. The pebbles make it difficult to walk in those new flip-flops of yours, so you remove them. As you bend over to do so, you notice this large steel monstrosity on the horizon blocking the light form the low summer sun. This is the controversial ‘Scallop’ produced by local fine artist and sculptor Maggi Hambling.

I have wanted to photography this piece for quite some time now, and when the LC-A RACE started, I thought that there was no better time. This is my location for “Urban Adventures” because firstly, it has been a Modern place of interest in the arts community and a hot topic and content of ongoing argument between locals for the past few years, also, it is a favorite for children as it can be used as an effective climbing frame while bored on the beach.

This is a brilliant place to take photos, because when the light shines through the typography around the top of the sculpture, it produces great images. There is something beautifully eerie about a giant shell in the middle of a desolate beach in Suffolk.

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  1. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Wonderful place!! The Scallop is a grand "eyerazor". It's there for the artist to become immortal in it and to remind the looker of whatever she memorialises and of she who made it. It is a fine thing. (So is the girlie with the cell phone in the galliry.)

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Superb gallery ! And I find the sculpture fine... Not great, but not a monstrosity either... I've definitely seen worse... : )

  3. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Nice one! This was one of the places I first made 'Lomo' pics many years ago, I think its a wonderful sculpture and Maggi is a great person to talk to. I'll have to find my pics of the Scallop!
    BTW it's also a great slide if you have kids!

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