The Food of Old Hong Kong Legend in the Lion City


The name of the restaurant sounds promising. It hints of a time long gone when the city’s food was next to none. But can it live up to its promise?

Credits: uncle_jay

Old Hong Kong Legend is one of the newer restaurants located in Singapore’s Raffles City. It was one of those places you somehow know is a good place to bring the older and more conservative diners to.

I didn’t have the chance to try out the food, until one day when my wife and I were in the shopping centre during lunch time. We were wondering where to go for lunch when the restaurant as a dining venue came to mind.

Credits: uncle_jay

The restaurant was fairly spacious. When we were there during a weekday, the patrons were mainly business executives. Given the price list, they would most probably be having a business lunch. My wife and I simply decided to try their Tim Sum.

Credits: uncle_jay

I did a bit of research about the restaurant, which was one of five outlets in Singapore, after my lunch. According to the people who patronized the outlet, the food is above average. And as for the service, it’s reminiscent of Hong Kong’s famous grouchy waiters with snide remarks rolling off their tongues; though I didn’t experience that when we were there.

Credits: uncle_jay

I would say that the decor of the place is nicely done up. Being newly set up, the furnishing was still in good shape. All in all, it’s a good business lunch venue.

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