Dazzling Doubles: Mask It Up

2012-08-28 1

This is my first time making a mask for my film camera. So I took out my Recesky and made a mask for a doubles project I was working on. Check out my self doubles project using a film mask and a Recesky TLR.

I used some card stock sized to fit inside my Recesky. I also cut out some vertical slits using a hobby knife then taped it to the inside of the camera.

I marked the film for doubles and shot the first round of exposures. After finishing exposing the film, I rewound it, removed the film mask and reloaded the film into the camera. I shot the entire roll for the second round.

Some of the shots were a bit overexposed, but I did manage to get a few good ones!

Here are some of my results:

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  1. xer0_
    xer0_ ·

    I forgot all about a recesky I have. I hacked mine to have a flashmount on it. I think I shall try this one next.

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