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Tired of your earphones getting in knots? A few knots more and your plain cords will become a knotless rainbow!

As one who loves to make friendship bracelets, I have an excess of embroidery thread laying around my house. Bracelets take time to make, though, so I wondered… What else could I make with the thread without having to start and stop new bracelets?

I’m also one who struggles with knotted earphone cords. I love to just throw my iPod in my purse, only to find a knotted mess an hour later when I need them again.

Why not put the two together?

You’ll need:

  • A pair of headphones that gets knotted all the time, or simply look too plain for your awesome lifestyle
  • Embroidery thread (sometimes called embroidery floss) in whatever colors you wish. You can use something thicker or thinner, but it won’t come out the same. This can be bought at any craft store, usually for about $.30 a skein. If you make bracelets like me, this is a good thing to do with leftovers!
  • Some time and music to listen to as you go

Step one: Choose an end and knot the string. You can cut the excess off if you wish.

Step two: Make a flag or a four (whichever way you’d prefer to look at it) with the string laying on top of the cord.

Step three: Pull the string behind the cord and through your flag (or four.) Pull it tight.

Step four: Continue on until you’ve finished the cord! If you need to start a new color, or simply run out of string, you can actually make the knots over the extra so you don’t have to worry about cutting the excess and then having that section untie, or even just having raggedy ends.

Good luck!

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