My Accidental Discovery of a New Neighborhood Family Diner


It was an impromptu decision that led us to discover this restaurant located deep inside a neighborhood community centre. Find out where after the jump.

Credits: uncle_jay

One Saturday afternoon, my wife and I decided to have lunch at our town center. Wanting to have our lunch at a less-crowded area, we decided to check out a different food court. But on our way to the food court we got distracted and went into a community center to look at the weekend courses offered. It was there that we discovered the Asian American family restaurant Shady’s Diner.

Credits: uncle_jay

Located deep within Singapore’s Toa Payoh central community center, this out-of-sight restaurant offers the weary visitor a place to rest and have a bite that won’t hurt their wallet.

Looking at the menu displayed outside, our eyes were attracted by the all-day breakfast meals. Feeling very adventurous, we decided to give it a try even though the restaurant also offered hot dogs, burgers, and milk shakes.

Credits: uncle_jay

We were the first patrons of the restaurant during the hour we visited. But soon, more patrons arrived.

Credits: uncle_jay

Most of the patrons were teens and young children ordering bubble tea, which I thought was out of place for a restaurant even though we are seeing a resurgence in the bubble tea craze in Singapore.

The lights in the restaurant were kept low, which was initially worrisome as I was using a roll of homemade red scale film. Still, I took the chance and snapped away as I thought the f2.8 aperture and slow shutter speed features of the camera can still produce a useable photo. Plus the fact that I turned on the +1.5 EV button helped just a tad bit more. So when the photos came out I was happy to note how versatile the Olympus XA was.

Credits: uncle_jay

Overall, this is a nice place to rest your legs.

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