Illuminate Your Path With Luminous Doors


When you walk through dark alleys does your heart skip a beat and do you pick up your pace without even noticing? What’s this fear, instilled in us, called? Instinct? You’d probably avoid this alley in the future. How about if something beautiful, that emitted light, appeared on a wall in this space? Would you linger and come back for more?

Image via The Doors Project.

The Doors Project is the brainchild of Siyuan, a communications strategist , and art director Hwee Chong. They went around the streets of Singapore with an old-school, overhead projector, and prints of real “doors” such as one Bank of India entrance. Think “non-permanent graffiti” as an otherwise mundane grey wall is transformed with a colorful mural though unlike with spray-paint the illumination goes off with the light.

Images via The Doors Project.

These doors, technically lead to nowhere though the artists’ state they "wanted to make a statement about life, and jolt people to think: Instead of following the light at the end of the tunnel, why not carry our own lights, and create our own doors?’

The archive of all the doors being used in the project can be found here. Interesting, these existant doors do lead to places in reality. Perhaps the lives of those that are faced with their doors daily aren’t interesting and perhaps they are contemplating change and another door, or path. A change of routine. This project appeals to them.

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