Tasma 65 (35mm, 80 iso) User-Review


This old Russian is a bit of an odd one!

This old Russian is a bit of an odd one!

Expired in September 1988, the film came with no spool or cassette, wrapped up in foil in a tiny cardboard box. Because of the lack of a spool, you’ll need a dark place and some sort of reloadable cassette in order to load the film.

I used a couple of Rapid cassettes, popped the film in my Penti, and shot it around my house and strolling through Nørrebro in Copenhagen on my way to the darkroom I was using at the time. Because of the age of the film, I overexposed some shots by a half stop and some by a full. I developed in Rodinal using stand development.

I really like the results, the shots came out very moody and with fine grain – the ones that were overexposed by a stop were right on the money. I decided to scan a few of them in colour, because I liked the chocolaty sepia tone. All in all a very satisfying way to spend an afternoon!

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Aahh eggzakly... Always so impressive !

  2. bartho
    bartho ·

    Wow very cool... And Nørrebro is the worlds most fantastic neighborhood, full of photo oppotunities :)

  3. anarchy
    anarchy ·

    Excellent Simone!! Where do you find these odd gems??

  4. faefaefae
    faefaefae ·

    so vintage! awesome job! :)

  5. mcrstar
    mcrstar ·

    I keep in the refrigerator for 12 pieces and do not know whether they can still be useful to me. But to throw out the hand does not rise:)

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