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Guerrilla Gardening is a green movement, spreading bountiful plant life in a sneak-attack like style. It can range from spreading seeds in desolate empty lots to planting flowers in those decorative, oversized pots in your apartment courtyard that never seem to actually facilitate plant life. There are even people who go as far as starting community gardens in abandoned spaces. One of the methods of guerrilla gardening is by using seed bombs, which are biodegradable clay clumps containing seeds that will germinate over time.

Credits: elletra

Seed bombs can be bought, but sometimes at a lofty price for a small amount. This tipster will show you how to make your own seed bombs, using your own seed mixes and yielding abundant quantities. I used 6 packets of seeds for this mixture, which included Calendula, Chamomile, Echinacea, Lavender and Yarrow. All are healing medicinal herbs, and have gorgeous flowers!

Supplies needed for this DIY project include:

  • Air Dry Clay (2.5 lb tub)
  • Dirt (I used Seed Starter, but regular dirt is fine)
  • Seeds!
  • Something to mix it all in like a big bowl or a bucket
  • Water
  • Rubber Gloves (optional, and not very helpful)
  • Twine, Tooth Picks & Scissors (optional)
  • Novelty Ice Trays (optional)
  • Drying Rack
Credits: elletra

The first thing to do is prep your workspace. Have the drying rack readily accessible and if you’re going to add the twine fuses, have them pre-cut. The pieces I used were about 2 inches long (5 cm); you can always cut them shorter later when the bombs have dried.

Next, dive right in. Place the clay in your mixing bowl/bucket, add in some dirt, all of the seeds and about a cup full of water and get to squishing. I used about one full scoopful of dirt in the beginning, and later I added another full scoop to get the consistency I liked, as well as a little bit more water. It’s not exact measurements, just use your best judgement.*

Credits: elletra

Once the mix is at the desired consistency, get to molding. I originally intended to make dynamite looking sticks with my ice trays, but it proved to be very messy; at which point I also gave up on the gloves because the clay seemed to just cake to them. So my advice would be not to worry about the gloves. Try the ice trays if you want, you might have better luck than I did.

Credits: elletra

I channeled my inner play-doh-wielding-child and rolled many bomb balls and dynamite sticks and used a bamboo skewer (toothpick would work well too) to press the twine fuses into the seed bombs. Only towards the bottom of the bowl of mix did I realize I could make some really fun stuff out if the clay. So, the last Seed Bomb out of the bowl was a mini Diana f+, and I have to say it’s my favorite! Keep in mind that the smaller the seed bomb, the quicker it will dry. The diameter of the seed bombs balls were between 1 to 1.5 inches and dynamite sticks were about 3 inches long.

Credits: elletra

Once done, carefully move the drying rack to a cool, dry place for 24-48 hours. The seed bombs will dry to a paler color and be hard to the touch. When they are ready, distribute them as you will. They can make great gifts or party favors, or get right to spreading the abundance and plant them in some dirt, water regularly and watch them grow.

Credits: elletra

*I have to say that at one point I added too much water and I could tell my mix was a little too wet, so I added more dirt and it turned out fine. As long the consistency still resembles clay, you should be in good shape (pun intended).

Credits: elletra

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