Going Digital: Bringing the Analogue Love at SketchUp


What is this? A digital advocate in lomography.com? Don’t worry, I’m not crossing over to the other side. I’m just talking about bringing the analogue love into the digital world by rendering our favourite cameras into SketchUp.

Trimble Sketchup* is a wonderful 3D drawing program. While it may not be as professional as AutoCad or ArcGIS, it’s free and anyone can use it!

A lot of people prefer to render and upload likenesses of famous landmarks, or their dream houses, or even their current living rooms as a pastime. You can find a huge library of these buildings and architecture, along with furniture, gadgets, and whatnot in the 3D warehouse. You could recreate your entire interior, including the exact furniture you’re using, even your stereo, and collection of house plants by downloading the images created by other users.

Although, no lomographer’s interior is complete without at least one or two analogue cameras lying around, right?

Unfortunately, most camera models in the warehouse are digital ones. There are some nice analogue models but very few in number…

Brownie by M. Woodworth, Polaroid by 3Dmaker, Canon by sepaches.

And then it occurred to me: what SketchUp needs is more lomography! So, I started drawing my own cameras starting with my Agfa Isomat, because it has a nice and simple form. Then as I got to know the program better, my camera models got better as well! My Olympus XA and Lomography Colorsplash are still a bit crummy (curves are difficult to master), but I’m pretty happy with the Diana Mini.

As my confidence (and drawing skills) improved, I started on some more difficult models, like my Supersampler (lots of ribs and ridges) and my Yashica D (ridges and screws and knobs and things). I’m getting the hang of this!

Can we get all of our analogue lovelies into the 3D warehouse? Let’s get drawing! Let’s spread the analogue love in the digital world!

*also known as Google SketchUp. It has recently been taken over by Trimble though, so now it’s Trimble SketchUp.

written by stratski on 2012-08-22 #lifestyle #cameras #drawing #models #3d #trimble #sketchup

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