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He is like Tama-chan’s dad in Chibi Maruko-chan manga, always recording every moment of his daughter’s life with all sorts of analogue cameras; she is the cute girl who has captivated many hearts online: Ciao Ciao. Their intimate feelings for each other can be felt by looking at their photos, which are capable of melting many hearts!

This is not a normal interview,Lomography invited the mastermind of Ciao Ciao’s popular photos – Papa Ciao, to conduct this interview on a special day, 4th of July, which is Ciao Ciao’s 5th birthday.

In order to give his daughter a surprise, this article included a LomoKino movie Papa Ciao shot as an analogue gift for Ciao Ciao! If you are as curious as us, let’s continue reading…

Pappy, stand properly, let’s take a foot shot :D

Name:Yu Zhi Ping  
Nickname:Papa Ciao
City/Country: Taipei / Taiwan
Lomohome: shamusshoot
Blog/Website: shamus.yu | Facebook

First let’s talk to Papa Ciao

Please introduce yourself…

Hi everyone, I am Papa Ciao. I might be mature in age but I am young at heart

When did you start getting into Photography?

I started when Ciao Ciao was born. Beofre that, I bought a camera and left it in the box for 1 year.

We know that you try to capture each and every moment of Ciao Ciao, which is your favorite Lomography/Analogue camera for family shots and why?

My personal favorite is LC-A+, it is light and highly portable, which allows me to bring it everywhere, it is ready to shoot once I pull it out from my pocket or bag. I love its auto exposure function, I can get correctly exposed photos everywhere I go with Ciao!

Credits: shamusshoot

As you watch Ciao Ciao’s growing up, is there anything she does that really touches your heart?

Actually there are many such moments, some are very personal in nature to me. In reference to photography, Ciao had been photographing me since she was two years old. And when she was one month to five years old, she took a few shots of me during an outing. Hence I asked her: Why are you shooting me? She replied, “I am taking your photo because I love you!”

What’s the most interesting thing that has happened to you while shooting analogue?

People always tell me: These cameras are so cute, are they toys? Can it really take photos? Some also ask, “What is the megapixel count of this camera? Where is the LCD screen?”

We saw that Papa Ciao has some very unique cameras, some are taped up, some have imperfections, can you share the stories behind them?

To me, a normal camera which you bring out to shoot is a real camera with a life. This LC-A+ lives with me in a bustling city, has accompanied Ciao Ciao and me through life’s ups and downs, has suffered falls, big and small, together with me. That’s the life of this camera. A camera is like a human, you need to put it through its paces to see its soul, although it might have some cosmetic markings but the accumulated photos produced are its soul that shine through! Everyone’s camera has a different story, this is the story of my camera.

On Ciao Ciao’s 5th birthday, do you have any words for her?

Ciao Ciao, here’s wishing you a Happy 5th Birthday. I hope I can wish you a Happy 6th Birthday next year. This is my most innocent wish and blessing as a father.

Credits: shamusshoot

Among the Lomography cameras, each with its unique feature and character, which one do you think is most representative of Ciao Ciao’s character? Why?

I think Fisheye 2 I Love you fits Ciao Ciao. First, let’s talk about the cute external design, together with cute Ciao Ciao, they greatly complement each other. The Fisheye with its huge depth of field negates the need for focusing, one only needs to press the shutter after composing. This suits Ciao Ciao to a T. Not much strength is required to wind the film so Ciao Ciao can manage it on her own. Most of the time, she can handle the camera.

After reading about Papa Ciao’s love for Ciao Ciao, let’s watch this heartwarming birthday movie – Shot by by Papa Ciao using the LomoKino, you will see some touching scenes in the movie. Let’s say Happy Birthday to Ciao Ciao!

After viewing the funny Analogue birthday movie, drum roll! Let’s welcome today’s birthday girl – Ciao Ciao!

Name:Yu Hui Ciao  Nickname:Ciao Ciao
Age:5 years old today!
My Lomohome : rosebb
My Facebook : ciaociaorose

As Daddy is into photgraphy and owns a lot of Lomography cameras, we believe that Ciao Ciao is also an avid shooter, which is your favorite camera?

My favorites are Fisheye and Fisheye Baby 110

Which are you favorite photos?

My favorites are those of my Pappy and my self portraits, because they have my beloved Pappy and my friends.

Credits: rosebb


If you lived in a cartoon world, which character would you be? How about daddy?

I want to be Arale, Pappy is my pappy, Pappy is not a cartoon character!


Because Arale is very powerful, it can make a dinosaur fly with a flick of its finger.

Adorable Ciao Ciao is one of the first users of Fisheye baby 110, let’s take a look at her Fisheye baby 110 shots!

Want to send Ciao Ciao a late birthday wish? Leave it in the comments below!

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