Tranquility in the Swedish Forests

2012-08-21 2

I love my city, but sometimes it is nice to pull the plug and travel to the far ends of the Swedish woods. Here, there is no cellphone connection, no WiFi, and no running water. It is one of my favorite places.

My boyfriend’s parents have a little red house near the “Lacksjö” lake in the forest near Mullsjö, Sweden. This July we went up there to paint the house, build a new jetty, relax, and be one with Mother Nature.

Credits: m22509075

I brought with me my AGFA Synchro Box. I decided to put a Fomapan B&W film in it and take photos of the lake. It was so quiet and the reflection was amazing.

Credits: m22509075

But I did not expect that three of the guys would come down to the lake to take a quick (skinny) dip. Lucky me. :)

As the only chance of getting your meats roasted, you need to build a campfire. Luckily the boys were pretty good at this and as they sat there by the fire, I had to take a picture of them. To be sure I got it right, I took two shots and I really like the feel of the pictures. It looks like something taken in the 1920s except from the beer cans and the All Star shoes. :)

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  1. giocad
    giocad ·

    ho un amico che abita in svezia, e mi parla sempre di quei boschi bellissimi.
    non mi sono ancora deciso di andare da lui.

    I have a friend who lives in Sweden, and I always talk about those beautiful woods.
    I have not yet decided to go to him.

    complimenti per la synchro box... ho anche io la stessa fotocamera

    congratulations for synchro box ... I also have the same camera

  2. m22509075
    m22509075 ·

    @giocad If you have a chance you should really go. It is fantastic!

    I love the Agfa Box and the feel it gives the pictures : )

    I really liked the pictures you took with your synchrobox. (Cabras - Piazza stagno)
    But how did you get square photos? I always get 10x14 cm pics and it only takes 8 frames.

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