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2012-08-28 1

Here’s a beautiful gift you can make for your friends to display their Lomographs – or keep as a cute home for your own creations.

I’m a big fan of saving money. I’d like to pretend that this is for some other reason than that I’m broke, but I suppose it is easier to save money when you simply don’t have it. To this end, I’ve stopped buying overpriced albums from Stationers and have instead found a simple way to accessorize a notebook and make it worthy of your lovely photos!

All you need is a notebook with a cardboard or clear plastic cover, some old magazines, and either a sewing machine or a needle and thread.

Credits: raejk14

Start by choosing pages from the magazine that you want to include on the cover of your new photo album. I chose an ‘ocean’ theme because I wanted to make it a travel photo album, but you could choose any theme you wish, or pick specific colours for effect. Then, just, sort of, stick them on. You really have free reign here. My notebook had a plastic cover, so I stuck the magazine pieces onto the first page (more of that later). Go crazy.

Credits: raejk14

Finally, to add texture and fine detail to your album, add a dash of colour by sewing accents with a sewing machine (hand sewing would take longer, but would work just as well). Here, I sewed through both the first page (which I had covered in magazines) and the front plastic cover so that the front cover will protect the magazine pieces. I chose turquoise to match the theme and then sewed straight lines down the front and back covers. These don’t have to be evenly spaced, or even straight, but they will give your album a great twist!

Credits: raejk14

And that’s it! I told you it was easy! Carefully tie off your sewn lines, and then fill your beautiful new album with your beautiful lomographs!

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