Klick Max 24 (35mm, 200 iso) User-Review


Recently I went to Santiago, Chile´s Capital, at a vacation with my girlfriend, It was there that I encountered a Lomography Society International Embassy for the first time. Long story short, I bought some film rolls, including this 2007 expired unknown – at least for me – film, that don´t exist in Brazil (where I live).

Four weeks later, I finally had the time using the film and it resulted in great blues and greens when developed. I really don´t know if these great colors were related or not to the fact that the film was already expired by two and a half years, or if it’s just the film’s characteristics film. But the fact is that the Klick Photopoint film gave me a pleasure to print some spectacular indoor and outdoor images, some were while the other are highly saturated with colors. Finally, but not least, this film’s 200 ISO sensitivity surprised me with results much like a 400 ISO movie! This is indeed a great Chilean surprise, certainly ;-)

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  1. dogma
    dogma ·

    Great cat! :D

  2. abdukted1456
    abdukted1456 ·

    meow! nice photos, I have been curious about this film, now that I see the result, I will have to try some.

  3. raissuli
    raissuli ·

    Thanks! These feline beauties belongs to my girlfriend. :-) There are two of them. The first to appear in the photos is Mafalda (after the argentinian comic book character), and the other is Kit (after the Kit-Kat chocolate).

  4. raissuli
    raissuli ·

    @abdukted1456 I wnant more of that too! If I could I buy ten or twenty! :-))

  5. stouf
    stouf ·

    Your cat is a top-model ! ; ) Great review !

  6. olive-tea
    olive-tea ·

    nice! i just bought a roll of expired Klick Max 24 (also 2007) too, can't wait to try it out!!

  7. lmr
    lmr ·

    do you know if this should be developed C-41? i just finished a roll today & brought it to the store i develop most of my film at. the woman working there didn't recognize the film, and was afraid to develop it, thinking it might break their equipment if it's not C-41.

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