Bringing Down the Bauhaus with megzeazez!


DJ Megz is back again to honor an album, an art, and an awesome new analogue treat. Read ahead to inspire your everyday shooting and add a little life perspective with some serious jams!

Photo by goldie

All too often I find myself drawing parallels between my two favorite hobbies: photography and record collecting. However, rarely does the opportunity for comparison present itself so obviously as it had the past several weeks. The release of the Fisheye Baby Bauhaus edition had me digging through dusty old 12-inch records, in search of the one and only record I own by the English rock group of the same name. I excitedly ran down to my favorite record store in town, End of an Ear, and picked up another. Believe it or not, in listening to three songs in particular (admittedly my favorite Bauhaus songs to date), a new gateway to my analytic brain had sprung open, once again bridging the gap between what is seen and what is heard.

The Bauhaus: tiny, sleek, and surprisingly awe-inspiring!

I Dare You To Be Real

In this day and age, when photoshop can alter the very essence of an image, I find myself drawn to analogue photography – what’s captured with that impossibly tiny Fisheye Baby or any number of Lomography cameras is a photograph that will live eternally in its first and truest state. Be it an image with light leaks, accidental multiple exposures, or other imperfections, the image itself is unique and incorruptible. In fact, it is an image celebrated by Lomographers everywhere for its individuality! Much like real life and that imperfect, unaltered image is the sound Bauhaus creates on their first album: crunchy, unforgiving, and loud. So in a world full of self-surveillance, un-tagging of mildly unflattering photos, and alteration of image based on societal judgment, “Be real” – words of advice from the Bauhaus song Double Dare, off of their debut album – never rang truer to this lomographer than now.

Credits: sanamiii

Exposed Became My Darker Side

Life is multi-faceted, visibly so when reduced down to core emotions: love, fear, pain, insecurity, belonging – all of these variations in the human condition help define a life experience. The great thing about having photography as a hobby is that my photos chronicle my own experiences, whether they be joyous, devastating or anything in between. I view my photos as a visual chronicle of my life, especially since I take my camera with me at all times and everywhere I go. Although life isn’t always easy (and often very far from it), each experience defines who I am. I love the Bauhaus song Dark Entries for the very fact that it outlines the life of a narrator, uncouth, dangerous, and perhaps influenced by the darkness surrounding him. Like the photographs littering random corners of my apartment and workspace, this song is a snapshot into the experience of one human life. Though it may present an arcane view of who the narrator is, the image it paints in my mind is one of genuine reality.


One of my favorite things about the Bauhaus track In The Flat Field is that it uses abstract images to characterize a feeling common to us all. The lyrics guide us through the perspective of one person’s experience, examining the intimate angles through which this person defines and deals with “boredom”. What I like best about being a Lomographer is trying to capture images and emotions in new or unconventional ways, even in ways unfamiliar to myself. I do this sometimes by placing my camera in strange places – down on the floor, above a ceiling fan, inside my record cabinet. Looking at life from these angles creates a completely different experience, a different point of view that can redefine how we comprehend the world around us. Another way we do this as Lomographers is by using different types of lenses. Innovative in its simplicity, the Bauhaus Fisheye Baby camera creates a whole new view of everyday objects, changing even the most minimal of things into mind-bending images…and why not go ahead and place that little camera in the most unexpected places? Its portability makes this possible. In my experience it never hurts to view the world from a different angle…oftentimes a new perspective on the ordinary can freshen up your attitude and motivate you to explore what’s around you!

Credits: clickiemcpete

If there’s a moral to this article, it has to be that the next time you spin your favorite tunes, lend an ear to inspiration. You never know when a particularly poignant lyric or the stimulating buzz of feedback may open the floodgates to a perspective-changing opportunity! What albums or artists inspire your shooting style? I’d love to know!

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