Viaduto Infante Santo: A Burst of Color in a Gray Avenue

2012-08-21 1

Cities can be very gray and sad sometimes, so I appreciate every effort made to color them and make them nicer for its inhabitants. That’s why I’ve always liked the colored tiles in Infante Santo’s Viaduct.

Credits: saidseni

This azulejos (Portuguese ceramic tile work) panel was designed by the Portuguese plastic artist, Eduardo Nery in 2001 and produced by the famous ceramic factory, Viúva Lamego.

It crosses a big avenue in Lisbon, Av. 24 de Julho. This place has a certain charm, it’s true, with the docks and the river. But it’s not the best place for a full-time pedestrian like myself. It’s a place for cars and even the trains pass without almost any kind of protection for pedestrians. It’s also a gray area and one of the places I dislike in Lisbon, generally called Alcântara. I find it sad. That’s why I like this colorful piece of public art, it makes me smile! :) That’s public service to me!

Credits: saidseni

Living in the historical center of the city is great but when I want to make things like long exposures of the traffic as, for example, the ones I see here made by Japanese lomographers, eheheh, I feel like I live in a village! When I wanted to try the timescan technique with my Spinner with moving subjects, I was looking for a place where cars moved fast enough…and then I thought of Infante Santo’s Viaduct! With that lovely background, it was definitely my best option!

Credits: saidseni

Oops, I don’t think Lisbon drivers respect the maximum 50 kph here…! ;)

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