Lomography Beginner's Guide: Ideas by Price (100+ EUR/USD)

2012-08-22 1

Welcome to the Lomography Beginner’s Guide! If you are looking for the perfect camera to kick-off your analogue adventure, this is the place to look – In this article, we’ll show you the best Lomography snappers in the 100+ EUR/USD price range. For those Lomographers who already have one of these cameras, please shout out your recommendations in the comments!


Diana Deluxe Kit (120 & 35mm)
Includes the Diana F+ and all the best accessories

Lomo LC-Wide (35mm)
Wide-angle photos and a choice of 3 shooting formats

Lomo LC-A+ (35mm)
Shoot classic Lomographic photos

Lubitel 166+ (120)
Fully manual controls

Horizon Kompakt (35mm)
Take simple and spectacular panoramic shots

Horizon Perfekt (35mm)
Have creative control over your panoramic photos

Already an avid Lomographer? Which camera in this price range would you recommend to newcomers? lease share your recommendations in the comments below!

Searching for your first Lomography camera? Let the Beginners Guide light your way to that dream analogue snap-shooter!

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  1. bbthom
    bbthom ·

    why buying a expensive lubitel 166+ on lomo? On ebay you can get a lubitel (the originals from sovjet union) for less than €100...

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